How to make dick bigger at home right

How to make dick bigger at home? The issue of sufficient size on to the stronger sex was always acute. Some, having no obvious problems, trying to increase your member in all possible ways, although they absolutely do not need it. The woman to achieve orgasm does not need a large penis size. But there is a category of men who really need a correction on. There are many techniques that help to enlarge penis at home. Today we tell about the best ways that really will change the properties of a member in length and in thickness.

penis enlargement.

Before you start any technique, it is better to make measurements of their dignity. Perhaps you have a average penis, it is not necessary to exhaust itself with trainings, extracts or to resort to radical methods of change value operation.

Surgeons proven that the member is in erection may be between 10-15 cm below or above a small penis or large size, respectively. As they say, someone lucky and some do not. But a small problem on can be solved independently.


To enlarge penis at home is possible only if the man does not have obvious problems with authority. No acute pathology associated STDs or tumors. Before starting any procedure on the increase, you need to get rid of the symptomatic diseases.

Methods of correction of penis at home:

  1. Vacuum pump;
  2. Extender;
  3. Jelcing, exercises;
  4. Ointments, creams, gels and sprays;
  5. Drugs;
  6. Stretching with loads.

Pump vacuum

Thanks to the device, which is of several types, it is possible to achieve a result within a month after daily use. To really increase not only in diameter, and in length.

In addition, the device has many advantages. It helps to solve a number of male problems connected with sexual sphere. Pump has a bulb pump with a pear, pressure ring (need to buy a sealed).

Working principle:

  • The phallus is introduced into the cylinder (pump is manual, mechanical);
  • Air is removed with a pump, an erection occurs;
  • Ring tightly against the pubis, and the flask is meanwhile removed;
  • Hold up to 8 minutes, then remove it;
  • Repeat 2 times a day, every day.

Before any methods to increase manhood is to make initial measurements. The control no sooner than a month.


  • Helps eliminate stagnant processes in the pelvis in non-regular sexual relationships and sedentary work;
  • Eliminates impotence;
  • The growth of the male organ up to 4 cm;
  • To diversify the intimate life;
  • Masturbation.


How to increase the size using the camera? Thanks to him can achieve in 1 month to 0.5 cm, if use daily. The principle of operation is the stretching of the cells the epithelium tissues.

Which in turn, under the weight of the extender tend to grow and fill the voids after stretching. The method is similar to those used in surgery, therefore, the growth of the organ is guaranteed.


  • The dick bigger in length and width;
  • Correction of distortions and defects of penis at home.

Results after using for 4-5 months:

  • Up to 5 cm in the excited state;
  • Up to 3.5 cm in the rest of the penis;
  • In the amount of up to 1.5 cm.

In the first month it is recommended to set the machine up to 10 hours, respectively this is done for the night. Daily wear it is possible to achieve stunning results a few months ago, the changed settings remain for life.

Jelcing and the right exercises

If you apply Eastern method, it increases the sexual organ gradually, without causing much harm, and is less traumatic.

Because you have to control the whole process with your hands in a timely manner and to cease exercise in the event of discomfort.

The principle of operation is based on a rush of blood to the genitals and stretching the cells of the penis. If you apply daily 1-2 times a day, to achieve a result for just a month.

Before class and start doing the exercises it is necessary to carefully prepare and warm up the phallus. This with the help of warmer warm salt in a sock or towels soaked in hot water.


Most importantly, to prevent burns, check the temperature and my feelings. To improve process and efficiency class, you can apply special creams or gels to increase the body. This will help you to quickly change the appearance of dignity.

Exercise "Jelcing"

  1. Apply the cream on the penis;
  2. Massaging bring to light erections;
  3. Put your index and thumb thick ring;
  4. Do not squeeze, but rather elastic girth need along the entire length of the member, not reaching head;
  5. Make moves so as not to cause severe discomfort and pain;
  6. I repeat "dense ring" all the way to 40 times;
  7. Increase each session by 10 units;
  8. By the end of 1 month needs to run up to 300-350 per session.

Doing these simple movements, after 30 days, noticed significant gain in centimeters.

Stretching with cargo

This is the best and most ancient method of penis enlargement. Modern equivalent – extender.

So if you don't want to buy the device, you can use stretch marks and you can do it yourself using improvised means. Some men of the flask with water are used as weights.

Only here you need to be extremely cautious. Technique if the wrong approach is quite dangerous and painful for the body.

Is to suspend the load for 10-15 minutes in the initial stages, then longer (but not more than 20). Under the weight of the penis is lengthened and the effect can be observed already after 1 month.

Must be performed carefully, gently and without sudden movements. The penis should not be erect. At the base of the head member is completely wrapped with an elastic bandage or a handkerchief, try not to push my body that definitely need to tighten up the skin of the penis.

In special shops and purchase the clamp, which will transmit the load. Be sure to watch the video lesson, do not use the load, and yet develop a bandage and a clamp.

When using the goods every week weighing it down, be sure to follow the sensations, in the case of severe pain stop the procedure. Additional kg often include sports equipment – disks, and dumbbells.

If not at home, as we have said earlier, the water bottles, too. The first classes begin with 5 minutes and increasing each time by 1.

Maximum time from load – not more than 20. Longer can not stand, can the pressure start to die off cells, and so on until the necrosis near.

The basic rules of stretching

  • No erection before and during weighting;
  • Squeeze a drop of blood out of the penis before hanging;
  • The cargo hold until then, until you feel a slight discomfort. Pain, burning and cramps is prohibited;
  • The change in color, darkening and bruising of the member rate, until the rate increase;
  • Sharp weighting will lead to thrombosis, but not to growth everything must be gradually;
  • Lack of movement, walking, etc. to Stand in one place;
  • Beginners are not recommended, need the practice after exercise jelqing;
  • The first load should not exceed 200 g.