Vitamins for men to improve the potency

Table of contents

  • Compounds needed for reproductive system
  • When should I start taking multivitamins?
  • Top of the drugs to improve potency
  • Other ways of preserving potency

Problems with the sexual side of life there are 90% men who have reached middle age. This is due to the influence of harmful environmental factors, poor diet, regular final time in the workplace and many other reasons. Turning this problem to a specialist, patients often receive the recommendation to drink vitamins for men to improve potency. Before their reception it is important not only to study the manual to drugs, but to adjust your diet.

compounds needed for reproductive system

Compounds needed for reproductive system

A man's ability to lead a full sexual life to conceive a healthy child to some extent depends on what he eats. It is through the food he takes vitamins affect the potency. For men useful substances such as:

  • vitamin a contributes to the improvement of reproductive function, strengthens the immune system;
  • b vitamins normalize processes occurring in the nervous system, involved in the synthesis of male hormones, promote the improvement of the erection;
  • vitamin C helps to strengthen vascular walls, stimulates blood circulation, improves immunity, protects the genitourinary system from the penetration of bacteriological and viral elements.
  • vitamin D is involved in the synthesis of male hormonal cells (e.g., testosterone), increases attractiveness, sexual potency in men;
  • vitamin E accelerates cell regeneration, improves the blood circulation in the male organ, helps reduce capillary permeability to improve the condition of the vascular walls.

Lack of these substances can cause not only reduce erectile function, but also infertility. In addition, it is important that in the body of the man was enough of minerals, such as zinc and selenium. They are responsible for the process of production of testosterone and sperm quality.

Natural sources

All of the substance one receives daily with meals. For preventing the state of deficiency and maintenance of erectile function in normal men as it is important to enrich your diet such foods as:

  • nuts;
  • dried fruits;
  • meat;
  • honey;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • bread, from rye flour;
  • seafood.

It is important to remember that all these products are highly allergenic, and therefore begin to introduce them in the diet is small portions. Also advised to give up alcoholic drinks, coffee, energy mix, salt production, contributing to the increase of cholesterol in the blood.

natural sources

When should I start taking multivitamins?

As a preventive measure is recommended to take multivitamins twice a year. It is desirable that it coincided with a period of epidemics of influenza and SARS, as all drugs firming effect on the immune system. It is known that frequent illnesses, as vitamin do not enhance libido. Vitamins recommended to start taking, when:

  • in men, there are difficulties in achieving a normal erection;
  • the sexual act is accompanied by a premature ejaculation;
  • reduced sexual desire;
  • the couple plan to conceive.

Multivitamins necessarily need men who have attained 40 years of age and older. At this moment there is a slowing of metabolic processes, which in turn becomes another reason for the reduced potency. For lifting it is important to combine the medication with an active lifestyle, regular physical activity. Those who care about their health from a young age, in old age there is no problems with potency, there are no chronic diseases of the genitourinary system.

Top of the drugs to improve potency

Currently, there are sufficient number of pharmaceutical companies that produce vitamins for men. Given the fact that among all the names you can be confused to choose the package that is needed in this case is not so simple. Of course, pharmacists in the pharmacy can tell you which one is better, however, you should consult a doctor and to study the application instructions, paying attention to item the indications.

Other ways of preserving potency

Given the fact that vitamins contribute to the restoration and maintenance of libido, it is important to follow the common recommendations of experts for the further preservation of potency. These include:

  • regular sexual life;
  • proper nutrition;
  • active lifestyle;
  • avoiding harmful habits;
  • timely treatment of serious diseases.

Before you begin taking multivitamins that improve potency, should consult with your doctor. This will help to avoid side effects, other troubles. Only a specialist can help with the selection, is really competent to give advice on taking multivitamins.