A list of foods that increase the potency (+ top most harmful for men's libido)


Health of organs of the urogenital system of men and their sexual possibilities depend on many factors. Unfavorable environmental conditions, chronic diseases, alcohol consumption, prolonged use of medications all affect sexual function. To improve the potency of the male is recommended to take vitamin complexes, medicines, undergo sessions of physiotherapy, to engage in specially designed exercises. Also very important products, which make up the diet of men. If among them are those that are saturated in fat and cholesterol, it is necessary to adjust the feed system. It should include products for potency, contain valuable vitamins and minerals.

What foods are bad for men's health?

It is important to have an idea not only about the useful for potency products, but also about those who do. This:

• Baked goods, bakery products. In these products contain yeast, the sugar and acids, which also negatively affect the synthesis of testosterone;
• Foods high in cholesterol. They contribute to the blockage of blood vessels and blood circulation in the pelvic organs. These foods include fatty pork and beef, sausages, margarine, butter, egg yolks, fatty cheeses, liver pate;
• "Fast" food (fries, burgers, pizza). It contains harmful TRANS fats, which cause a hormonal imbalance;
• Meats containing chemicals that inhibit the synthesis of testosterone. In addition, these products have koptilnaja liquid, the damage of which is the defeat of the testicles potent toxins;
• Linseed, soybean, and corn oil. They not only adversely affect the potency, but also impair spermatogenesis;
• Beer. The harm of this drink is that it disrupts the hormone balance. Beer contributes to suppression of testosterone synthesis, because it contains phytoestrogens – the female sex hormones. Most clearly seen in the formation of fat in the abdomen;
• Eggs of poultry in unlimited quantities. Optimally, if a man uses no more than one egg after 48 hours, as this product has a negative impact on the potency and degrades detorodnuyu function;
• Sweet drinks. They contain, in addition to a large amount of sugar, various dyes and chemical additives that do not allow to reach qualitative erection. They also decrease the production of testosterone and affect the development of active sperm;
• Coffee and drinks containing caffeine. They drastically reduce testosterone levels and increase the content of female sex hormones, despite the fact that caffeine quite rapidly excreted from the body.

If a man frequently uses products that have a strong influence on the potency, he should think about adjusting diet. This is especially important if the wrong food combined with the common stress, overwork, sedentary lifestyle, excess weight.


Food that increases the potency

To improve the potency necessary to exclude harmful to health, and sexual performance foods to enrich the diet of healthy food.

Ginger root

Fight impotence, improve erections, restoration of reproductive function. In ginger root contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances that enhance potency and leads the body in tone.

Protein-rich foods – sour cream, yogurt, low-fat cheeses, lean meats, cottage cheese, yogurt, fish (mackerel and flounder are considered the most useful)

These foods increase the amount of testosterone contribute to the strengthening of the erection.

Spicy herbs – St. John's wort, thyme, Basil, tarragon, thyme

These herbs are natural aphrodisiacs that enhance libido and contribute to a stronger excitation.

Nuts, source of vegetal protein – cedar and walnut, pistachios, almonds

Walnuts beneficial effect on hormonal balance, strengthen the erection and stimulate the male potency, have a stimulating effect. A powerful effect can be achieved if you use a mixture of nuts, honey and dried fruit.

Rich in fiber food (vegetables, berries and fruits). It is necessary to include bananas, avocados, strawberries, asparagus, horseradish

Foods that contain coarse vegetable fibers, increase excitement, have a beneficial effect on the quality and quantity of semen, in General, eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Dark chocolate with no additives

It is a powerful aphrodisiac which enhances libido, eliminates symptoms of hormonal imbalance, improves the condition of the male reproductive system as a whole.

Seafood – especially oysters and mussels

This food belongs to the category of products, instantly increasing potency in men. Seafood stimulate sexual desire and sexual activity, and not only men but also women.

Products containing magnesium (buckwheat, barley and oatmeal cereals, millet, beans and peas, green leafy vegetables)

Magnesium – essential for men's health element that increases the amount of free testosterone. In addition, it prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases and circulatory disorders, prostate cancer.

Bee products – honey and bee-bread

They facilitate the secretion of the male sex hormone, stimulate blood flow to the penis men. In addition, pollen contains large amounts of protein, which has beneficial effects on the sexual capabilities.


These berries contain magnesium, making improve blood circulation and promote elimination of the reasons of male infertility.


It is useful, as beneficial effect on blood vessels and blood flow to the genitals of men, and is also an aphrodisiac, increase libido quickly.


In addition to the products, which are used to increase potency in men, there are a variety of drinks with similar properties. Below are the top such funds:

• Fresh pumpkin juice. The vegetable contains a high amount of zinc, so drink raises the potency and enhances the penis. Juice can be done at home using natural products;
• Tea from ginger. This drink improves the potency, stimulates blood circulation, preventing stagnation. To take tea 2 cm ginger root, cleaned and crushed it, then pour the weight of the Cup boiling water and infused for 10 minutes. To drink you can add honey and lemon;
• Watermelon juice. It does not need to cook enough to eat a few pieces of this fruit. Watermelon has an amino acid that improves blood circulation and thereby stimulating an erection;
• Tincture of garlic-based. In three-liter jar put chopped garlic in quantities of 1 kg and fill the rest with boiled water. Infuse medication for one month, shaking jar every day. Take a teaspoon of tincture daily until it ends;
• Milk of mares. It is useful for male potency, since the positive effect on hormones and increases fertility;
• Infusion of green. You must take the cilantro and parsley, chop, pour hot water, infuse for half an hour;
• The juice of celery root. This drink increases the level of testosterone in the blood and is struggling with erectile dysfunction.

Note that alcohol, beer, coffee reduces the potency, so such drinks should be abandoned.

Simple recipes and meals for men's health

There are simple recipes that allow you to strengthen your erections and generally improve the quality of sex life men. You can try these tools:

• Sesame and honey. You need to take a handful of sesame seeds and fry them in a pan without using oil. Then mix them with natural honey and drink three tablespoons three times a day;
• Carrot, daikon and apples. Root vegetables and fruit grate on a medium grater and add to the mixture the juice of half a lemon. Use a tablespoon of the mixture three times a day;
• Nourishing mixture of honey, red wine and aloe juice. The first component taken in the amount of one Cup, add a tablespoon of aloe juice and 0.5 liters of wine. The mixture should steep for 14 days. Ready to drink liquid before meals, a tablespoon three times a day. The course of treatment at least a month;
• Onions with cottage cheese. You will need 2 onions, 120 g of cottage cheese, half Cup sour milk, leaves of green. Onions finely chop, mix with cottage cheese mass pour the yogurt. On top sprinkle the dish with greens;
• Soup with shrimp. It is necessary to chop and fry 2 carrots, parsley root, onion, put a lot of into boiling water and cook for 10-15 minutes. Then add to the soup 500 g cauliflower, disassembled into florets, cook until tender. 10 minutes before end of cooking put in a pan 200 g of shrimp meat, pre-cooked. To serve, add chopped parsley and dill;
• Mix horseradish with honey. Horseradish is a strong aphrodisiac, which also is struggling with inflammatory diseases of organs of genitourinary sphere. To prepare a drink based on it, you need to take 300 grams of raw, 2 cups boiling water, 3 tablespoons of natural honey. Fuck grind, pour boiling water, allow to cool. After that, drain the water and add the honey. This spicy blend can be used as a sauce for fish and meat dishes;
• Lamb testicles. It is useful for the potency products that are easy to prepare. They need to roast in a pan along with chopped onion rings;
• Mackerel for a couple. Gutted fish without cutting into pieces, cook steam way. When serving, pour her fresh squeezed lemon juice, as a side dish to use boiled turnips and carrots, which also have a positive effect on sexual function men.

The potency of men and fertility largely depends on the quality of food. In order to stay in good shape, it is necessary to exclude from the diet all harmful and useless products, preferring natural and tasty, do not contain chemical additives and cholesterol and improves the quality of sexual life.