Healthy food with aphrodisiacs: foods to enhance potency in men

Potency is an important component of a full life men. There are several effective ways to strengthen the potency with food.

Products that increase the potency of men

Products that can affect male potency yet has long been called aphrodisiacs. The name "aphrodisiac" originated in Ancient Greece from the goddess Aphrodite. They affect men's strength and endurance.

Vitamins and capsules

This is an important and necessary substances for the male organism. Products-aphrodisiacs should include vitamins A, E and B. it is believed that A and E — are the real vitamins of reproduction, and the b — vitamin that helps to hold the impulse in the nerve endings.

Important: Only a fully balanced diet will be able to make a man sexually active. Excessive consumption of food reduces the potency, hungry — may not have it at all.

Men's food should contain adequate amount of proteins and botanicals to significantly increase the potency. Mineral matter is an important component, as in "men's power" affects a sufficient number in the body:

  1. magnesium
  2. zinc
  3. calcium
  4. sulfur

Improving erection, the regular use of unsaturated fats and carbohydrates. It's safe to say that if you adjust the diet men, can achieve not only health, but strength, stamina in sexual relations.

If specifically name certain products, then the first place you can put it plant:

  1. nuts
  2. citrus
  3. fruit
  4. eggs
  5. bow
  6. garlic
  7. turnips
  8. mushrooms
  9. pumpkin seeds
Important: equally important to the potency of the bread, especially rye.

The sperm quality and potency can influence dairy products, fish and meat are the main sources of protein.

Meat for potency men. What is the impact of meat on the potency of men?

We can safely say that meat is for men is a vital product. This product helps to regulate the body's levels of the important hormone — testosterone. As meat is an essential source of protein of animal origin.

The man is holding a meat fork

In addition, the protein contained in meat, increases the potency, it also improves immunity and metabolism in humans.

Meat in its natural form (boiled, fried or baked), but not in burgers and sausages is a source of important vitamins and minerals. Giving the man satiety and energy meat products take care of his health.

Important: it is best to eat meat in boiled, baked or steamed. During frying still stand out carcinogens, and cholesterol in the roast more.

Best on male potency is affected by:

  1. beef
  2. chicken
  3. rabbit

Of course not fat lean meat has a more effective effect on the body, as excessive consumption of fat leads to problems of the cardiovascular system.

The servings of meat per day a man should depend on his lifestyle. So, calm the pastime requires the use of not more than 50 grams of meat per day, and heavy physical exertion 200-300 grams. The more a man loses force, the more he needs the protein.

Every man should keep in mind that excessive consumption of food, in particular meat, will inevitably lead to obesity and loss of libido. Doctors say that is normal for men to eat meat at least three times a week.

Goat milk for male potency

Of course, all dairy products are useful for men's health. But the strongest quality stands out from goat's milk. Goat's milk — a product familiar from childhood.

A man pours a glass of milk

It perfectly regulates metabolism in the body and can even boost immunity because it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. In addition, goat milk is a real aphrodisiac for men.

Important: an Interesting historical fact tells us that Casanova himself, replaced the usual alcoholic drinks goat's milk. It has long been believed that it has a positive effect on male potency.

Goat's milk not only gives satiety man after a hard day, but also the opportunity to prolong sexual intercourse, regardless of his state of fatigue. Sexologists recommend to drink a glass of this milk before dinner and in the evening, prognosticon sexual relationship.

The success of this product is that it contains essential minerals: calcium and zinc. They are responsible for the amount of testosterone in the blood and improve erection quality.

Milk contains sufficient amount of vitamins A, b, C and E, a positive influence on your health and libido. Regular use of goat's milk can lead to normal sexual disorders, to increase the erection, to avoid impotency.

It is recommended to drink at least one glass of milk a day to maintain men's power and toughness. It can be combined with crushed walnuts, which improves the effect tenfold.

Nuts to increase potency and their use

Everyone knows about the benefits of nuts for the human body. They are Champions on the content of useful micronutrients,particularly for men. There are several popular nuts in our country that have incredible nutritional properties:

  1. Walnut — it is safe to say that this is the healthiest nut of all. It contains incredible amounts of vitamins a, b, C, E, K and essential minerals. High levels of zinc could increase the level of testosterone, and this hormone improves the potency. The surest recipe — honey nut. The honey enhances the effect of the components, complementing them with his own. Doctors recommend men to eat walnut every day for at least ten
  2. Almonds — as insane men needed to maintain health. It contains a lot of vitamin and In such important components, such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium. The uniqueness of the almond in arginine is a special amino acid that improves blood circulation that is good for potency
  3. Pistachios — these nuts are Eastern not for nothing are so popular and have the status of an aphrodisiac. The fact that they include four important component for men's health: zinc, folic acid, arginine and unsaturated fats. Folic acid significantly improves the quality of the sperm, and unsaturated fats to "kill" cholesterol. The recommended serving of pistachio nuts a day to 100 grams
  4. Pine nuts is not a frequent product, but very useful. The content of vitamins and minerals exceeds all expectations. Regular consumption of pine nuts in the food guarantees the potency and quality prevention of impotence

Fish for potency. Useful components contained in fish

Fish is a nutritious and healthy product that has many minerals and vitamins. For strong male health, doctors recommend regularly include fish in the diet.

Not fatty fish contains:

  1. vitamins a, D and E
  2. fatty acids
  3. zinc
  4. selenium
  5. iodine
  6. iron
  7. calcium
  8. phosphorus
  9. magnesium
Important: the fish concentrated the maximum number of amino acids and protein, healthy for the male body.

Of all varieties can be identified such as:

  1. Mackerel — it has protein which is very easily digested by the body. It is concentrated in the important minerals like iodine, magnesium, calcium and fluoride. Regular inclusion of mackerel in the diet ensures enhanced libido (libido) and improves erectile function
  2. Rosea salmo — this fish is rich in zinc, sodium and chromium. Eating salmon is able to fill in the body of the missing vitamins
  3. Tuna is incredibly rich in vitamins. It contains all group b vitamins, a vitamin a and PP. High-quality tuna meat saturated fats omega-3 are regulators of metabolism in the body. Tuna not only improve potency, but to get rid of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system with regular use
  4. Pollack is rich in trace elements necessary for "male power". It has a lot of iodine, cobalt, potassium and phosphorus. If you regularly eat fish, you can increase libido and get rid of the problem of impotence
  5. Cod is a rare product ,but has many nutrients. It has vitamin B12, C and A. the zinc Content is very high
  6. Men who use cod regularly notice that their sexual self-esteem is much higher, there is always sexual attraction and the act itself lasts longer

Fruits and vegetables that increase sweating

Woman feeding man

In improving the sexual qualities of men play a significant role herbal products. The vitamin E that they contain, a positive effect on potency. Also important is the presence of vitamin A, as well as other useful components:

  1. Carrots — contain a huge amount of A-vitamin. This vitamin increases the "strength" of men and increases sexual desire.
  2. Citrus: lemon, orange, lime, grapefruit, contain a lot of vitamin C, a known regulator of potency. If necessary, you can replace the citrus fruits on spinach, currants or pepper — they also have a sufficient amount of this vitamin.
  3. Onions and garlic — have useful properties and enhance "male power" at times.
  4. Green has a stimulating effect.
  5. Celery and ginger — they can be used even as a preventive measure from inflammatory genitourinary system. They contain all important and necessary minerals men's body. Celery is rich in minerals-important for potency.
  6. Seeds (pumpkin and sunflower) have nucleic acids, protein, phosphorus, zinc that are important components of a healthy body.
Important: Be careful, excessive consumption of citrus fruits can provoke an allergic reaction.

Oysters for potency. What is the effectiveness of

An unusually strong catalytic property inherent in such an unusual product, like oysters. They have a beneficial effect on the health of the male sexual organ because they contain huge amount of organic zinc.

Zinc is known to stimulate the production of male hormones in the right quantity. Moreover, this component is able to improve the sperm count. And a unique component, dopamine, improves the attraction to the opposite sex and increased libido.

Important: the Researchers noted that in the spring, when the clams are actively mating, the concentration of amino acids and zinc are considerably higher. For quality of increase potency it is recommended to consume oysters in this period.

Oysters should be consumed raw, because heat treatment can lead a clam to the loss of half of the useful properties. To improve taste you can use lemon juice.

Should not be too often eat oysters, since it is possible to get indigestion and even poisoning. All because the clams are seldom carriers of the bacteria, and mercury content in them are high.

What is the impact of raw eggs on the potency

Male eat protein foods

Eggs chicken and quail have a strong influence on the sexual desire of men. It is noticed that men who consume eggs regularly, feel much stronger libido and even capable of experiencing several orgasms in a row.

Useful eggs that contain:

  1. amino acids
  2. phosphorus
  3. iron

Eggs of course can be used in any cooked form, but some studies reveal huge benefits that is raw eggs. If you follow all the hygienic norms (wash the shells of eggs and eat only fresh eggs), you can avoid infectious diseases.

Raw eggs contain a much higher concentration of healthy compounds than cooked.

Long since a raw egg is considered a strong aphrodisiac and combined it with onions and nuts. Drink eggs those who are experiencing problems with potency and erection.

Products reduces the potency and detrimental to male health

Doctors allocate a list of products that adversely affect male potency:

  1. Salt is sodium, and its excess is detrimental impact on "male power". Foods should be slightly seasoned with salt to gain flavor, but not salt lot
  2. Sugar is not always glucose ,which is needed to provide the body with energy. The sugar contained in the modern fast food reduces libido
  3. Fast food has no nutrients and saturated fats, carbohydrates, sugar. Frequent consumption of fast food causes concentration in the male body the female hormone estrogen, and in the investigation and reduction of libido
  4. Soda and drinks — excess sugar is injurious to health
  5. Soya — contains too much of the female hormone, does not need men's body
  6. Caffeine is a substance capable of killing the testosterone molecule
  7. Alcohol suppresses the libido and activity of sperm

How to raise and lower the potency with diet: advice and reviews

Healthy lifestyle for men — the key to "male power" and activity. The diet should include plenty of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and cereals.

Only a balanced menu will give men the opportunity to be confident in his superiority. At the same time, modern food: fast food, sweets, coffee and carbonated beverages is poison to hormone testosterone.

To dramatically increase the potency can only complete the adjustment of the power men, restful sleep and moderate exercise during the day.