Products that increase potency in men fast action, and harmful products

What foods you need to eat to men to increase potency?

Just make a list of what foods increase the potency of men was wrong, because it is important to understand why and how much you need to eat fish, meat, vegetables, some of them give benefit to any case and which have contraindications. Therefore, we gathered detailed information on a variety of foods.


The best foods that increase the potency, live in the sea. From there on the table is excellent aphrodisiacs, including shrimp, crayfish, mussels, squid that contribute to the regeneration of sperm and increase potency. This is due to the high content in these foods selenium and zinc.

Products to increase potency in men
  • Oysters have long established themselves as an effective stimulator of the reproductive system and included in the list of aphrodisiacs. Their positive effect on the potency due to high concentration of rare, but important amino acids and zinc, all of that activates the generation of the male sex hormone testosterone and increases the volume of semen produced. In addition, the oysters present dopamine which helps to increase the potency. Maximum impact can be achieved by eating raw oysters, as any heat treatment significantly reduces the proportion of biologically active substances.

Scientists have found that these amino acids and zinc most of all in the body of mollusks in the spring during their active reproduction. Therefore, to raise potency is best to eat oysters harvested in the spring.

  • Not very common in our latitudes, but very useful products for potency men is the meat of sharks and rays. It is a special stimulant, increasing male libido, for that it is appreciated by the Chinese.
  • Fish. Especially useful for male potency some species of fish. For example, the flounder, which is to achieve the best erection better to use either, except roasted. Useful also boiled mackerel containing phosphorus and male hormones, thereby increasing libido.

In General, marine fish of the river is preferable, because it contains more useful for the male body's metabolism.

  • Mussels. This product is also indispensable to increase potency in men, since mussels have such positive properties: it increases blood levels of male hormones, volume of semen contain important for mens health element zinc.


Products to increase potency

Quite useful are and vegetables, and you can add them to the same seafood as a side dish or used in a main dish. Here are the most effective types for this purpose:

  • cabbage;
  • all varieties of onions;
  • salad;
  • beets;
  • radishes;
  • celery;
  • pepper;
  • garlic;
  • asparagus.

They give the body such vitamins that are especially needed for the regulation of hormonal levels, enhance potency. If to enrich the daily diet of the men listed vegetables will increase not only his sexual function but also your overall health.

Apart in this list is celery, which has been compared to viagra because it is among the foods that increase the potency of men instantly.


In quality dark chocolate have many of the alkaloid theobromine (similar to caffeine) and phenylethylamine, which boosts libido and creates a feeling of love. Antioxidants present in chocolate, improves wellbeing and mood, creating a favorable environment for normal functioning of the penis.

We are talking only about the dark varieties of chocolate which contains not less than 65% cocoa, and use it in small doses. Milk "chocolate" is totally useless as fillers, in addition to nuts.

Liquid chocolate or cocoa may also have a positive impact on potency. But this way to increase potency is not suitable for men with unstable blood pressure, liver problems, or pancreas.


If you ask what foods are good for potency men with daily use, the answer is unequivocal – nuts. They have a lot of vitamins b and E, magnesium and zinc – just those that have a beneficial impact on the reproductive system. Add arginine, through which the body produces is necessary for a full erection nitric oxide.

What foods are good for potency men

To strengthen the potency of in your daily diet you should add different nuts:

  • almonds;
  • hazelnuts;
  • walnuts;
  • cashew and others.

Each nut its composition and properties, but they all affect the body beneficially. Best foods to eat for male potency raw, and are the most effective mixture of nuts combined with honey. Well-proven combination of nuts with dried fruit or fresh apples, bananas, carrots or beets. The great taste will have fish or meat dishes, added to nuts, they will allow to combine the useful with the pleasant.

Duo dates with almonds not just increases the potency but also increases the quantity and quality of ejaculate and allows you to lengthen the duration of intercourse due to the high sugar content in the fruits.

Quail eggs

For those men who have problems with potency, quail eggs are an indispensable product. If you use them daily, sexual desire will increase, and over the relatively short time the man can achieve multiple orgasms.

Exploring what foods effect on potency in men, the researchers came to the conclusion that the stronger sex should eat each morning, scrambled quail eggs, which can be flavored with green onions, but not to include bacon and mayonnaise.

What foods are good for potency

In a small quail egg contains 3 times more substances (iron, phosphorus, potassium) that increase the potency, than a large chicken egg, also is not harmful to the cardiovascular system cholesterol. Moreover, quail eggs can rid the body of radioactive elements, increase immunity, increase hemoglobin levels, normalize blood pressure, they have a lot of participating in the activities of reproductive system of amino acids. These eggs can be drunk raw, 4-5 pieces in a day without fear of Contracting Salmonella and other diseases.

But there are contraindications of such therapy, which is not suitable to men who have problems of assimilation of proteins, liver and kidneys.

Berries and fruits

It is also well-known products to increase potency in men. This is especially true of raspberries, strawberries, mango, bananas, grapes and many other fruits. Fresh or dried, these gifts of nature to improve sexual stamina and increase libido.

In citrus fruits contain aphrodisiacs that have long been known as potent stimulators of potency increasing male libido.

Products for men to raise potency

In yellow and orange fruits, as well as in many algae is usually a lot of lutein, responsible for the production of growth hormone and testosterone.

Pomegranates contain antioxidants that prevent the appearance of cancer, in particular prostate cancer. Because of this, they enhance the potency of almost as viagra. If you drink daily one glass of pomegranate juice, the body will rejuvenate, and the potency of men to increase.

But the Fig is not only a product to improve erectile function male potency, but also beneficial for kidney, heart and liver.

Bee products

Honey has long been no surprise the breadth of positive impacts on the body, and its joint use with other equally useful products increases the healing effect multiple times. For example, long famous for a recipe for the restoration of male power, in which honey is mixed in equal proportions with chopped onions.

The product improves the potency of men

Ambrosia also has diverse effects on the body. It is a pollen, that is, their male sex cells, processed in the body of bees. In Perga great content of proteins, which are necessary for men to maintain libido. For high potency require a large amount of energy, which is also a lot in Perge is the simple carbohydrates (glucose, fructose) that are easily absorbed by the body with instant release of energy. So ambrosia can be made to the products for potency in men fast operation, since it causes a sharp increase in the body to produce testosterone. It also strengthens the cardiovascular system, which ensures better blood flow to the penis and strengthening the erection. That is, the pollen complex cure male impotence.

To increase the potency, enough to eat every day about 10 g of pollen, and in the case of impotence, the dose should be increased, but preliminary having consulted to the doctor. You need to choose a good fresh pollen for the treatment, preferably from the apiary – only in this case its effect will be noticeable.

What to drink to increase potency?

It is known that some drinks in addition to the replenishment fluid level in the body and refreshing effect is also able to improve sexual function in men. What foods increase the potency of men? These include certain fresh vegetable and fruit juices, ginger tea and kumys. If you consume these drinks regularly, it is possible to count not only on solving problems related to erection, but also to ensure the General strengthening of the organism.

Fresh juices

Useful are those juices that are squeezed just before use. The degree of impact on the reproductive system, somewhat inferior to the drug, but that are not only safe for men's health, but also bring the whole body additional benefits. However, not all vegetable and fruit juices are equally effective for solving men's problems.


What foods increase sexual potency in men

If to consider, what foods are good for male potency to the greatest extent, we should call pomegranate juice, activating blood circulation and increases the oxygen supply of the pelvis. Contained in the nitrogen compounds spasms from blood vessels. An additional useful trace elements and vitamins, which is so rich pomegranate juice.


Pumpkin also refers to products that have a positive influence on the male force, so pumpkin juice is very useful in solving such problems. Its benefit is available in pumpkin zinc, this trace mineral is very important for the functioning of the male reproductive system.

The juice of celery

The juice from the celery root is present Androtestosterone, which is in the process of metabolism turns into, the male hormone testosterone, without which man loses his sexual function.


To products to increase potency in men and got a watermelon juice, which don't even have to squeeze – just enough to eat a few slices of this watery berries. In the juice of the watermelon contains a lot of amino acid citrulline, which the human body turns into arginine, contributing to the expansion gaps of the blood vessels, improve circulation, and this is the key to a powerful erection.

Also have a positive effect on male potency those vegetable and fruit juices that have high content of vitamin E.

Ginger tea

In tea of ginger and lots of vitamins A, b and C, minerals, amino acids, beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, improving the rheological properties of blood, strengthen blood vessels, stimulate the brain and promotes rapid removal of toxins from the body. All of these factors are beneficial for strengthening the reproductive system of men.

Useful products for potency men

Prepare tea from ginger is very simple:

  1. A small piece of the root of a plant size of about 2 cm you need to clean, chop on a grater or chop finely with a knife.
  2. After this you pour boiling water for 10 minutes.
  3. To drink was more palatable and more useful, you can add lemon and honey.

Tea you can also use dried ginger root, but its good qualities will be weaker, because as we already know, the best products, stimulating male potency is fresh.

Ginger tea is shown to not all, it has to be drunk in a number of diseases: enteritis, gastritis, peptic ulcer, cholelithiasis, liver cirrhosis, cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases.

Therefore, allergies and hypersensitivity can be decisive factors in the decision of rejection therapy ginger tea. But the rest of the men need to ask the advice of a doctor, whether to resort to this means of increasing potency.


In the list of products that improve the potency of men, includes Mare, with a restorative and rejuvenating effect, improves blood composition, normalizes metabolism, work cardiovascular system. It is recommended to drink a glass of it half an hour after Breakfast. The dosage may vary depending on the condition, other health problems.

Koumiss is the result of alcoholic fermentation and fermented horse's milk, it contains hormones, enhancing the immune system.