Folk remedies for potency

How to restore the potency of folk remedies and not to get lost in all the variety of tools and techniques? We will try to systematize folk remedies for potency in men in such a way that it became clear what traditional means to increase potency what is "responsible" and will choose the best folk remedy in each category.

There are funds that are taken courses, but there are those that can be used in case of emergency. Having carefully studied the properties of those and other, you can determine for yourself the most acceptable.

As in time and place to apply folk remedies for potency

folk remedies to increase potency

Some folk remedies increase potency? The answer depends on that, in this case, consider the potency. Potency is the ability of men to hold intercourse. That is, the man in this sense goes through several stages of realization of his sexual potential:

  • libido (libido);
  • erection (with allocation from 5 to 8 phases);
  • ejaculation (ejaculation).

In a broad sense, the people in the concept of "potency" is sometimes turns on a man's ability to be a father. That is, to ensure that the quantity and quality of semen that will guarantee the continuation of the species. But even if we exclude this factor, it still shows that these three stages differ in the nature and physiological mechanisms. In other words, to a question about the impotence enough appearance of a violation at any stage. Because such violations can be caused different causes, the therapeutic approach and treatment potency folk remedies will depend on that of what stage men are having problems.

Desire (libido)

First, a man must feel the desire that in a professional environment is called libido, but in common, often called attraction, passion, desire. The energy of sexual desire may not be accompanied by subsequent erections, but without the original sexual impulse (even if possible technically to provide an erection) sexual intercourse turns into mechanical, lifeless process. Even Carl Gustav Jung saw the similarity of the concept of libido is widespread on the Eastern concept of life energy Qi, underlying all processes of the universe.

decrease in sexual desire

The reason for decrease in sexual libido can be both psychological and somatic factors. Among the psychological (in addition to habituation, short-term lowering of mood due to the improper situation at the time of the intercourse, personal or social problems, etc.) common factor of constant stress, overwhelming libido. Part of folk remedies to increase potency for men, it is focused on reducing stress and removing systematic psychological pressure. The same effective means to restore potency, as a rule, are used for sleep disorders. Male to enhance the male energy needs to sleep. Sometimes to increase the potency of this one is enough. It is not surprising therefore that the thyme, which Slavic peoples were placed in the head of the bed for better sleep, its fame as a plant, able to raise the potency.

Regularly eating dark chocolate can also be how to increase the potency at home and to secure a supply of energy at the time of sexual intercourse. But to use such a high-calorie product should be in moderation.

In addition, libido is directly dependent on the endocrine system in General, and testosterone in serum in particular. There is a relationship between the hypothalamic-pituitary system and it controls the production of testosterone by the testicles (90-95%) and adrenal glands (5-10%). Gross interference in the endocrine system - a process with unpredictable consequences. In this sense, the folk remedies to increase potency quickly represent some danger to men: higher doses and vigorous mixture of quick action without establishing the true causes of impotence, may do more harm than strengthen sexual function.

However, traditional medicine often aims still not so much on the revolutionary and one-time changes in the body, how long evolutionary accumulation (manifestation) effect. In this regard, the lead folk remedies to increase potency in men, the effect of which is aimed at strengthening the generation and conservation of natural testosterone. Including foods containing iodine, and zinc.

Good to know! The abundance of zinc in the famous oysters, but if you talk about restoring potency folk remedies the Slavs, then the most effective remedy is the pumpkin seeds is rich in zinc plant product in our latitudes.

Increased potency in men after 60 folk remedies almost always associated with restoration of levels of testosterone. In men, starting from 40-45 years of age (early form), the level of testosterone sometimes decreases so that a so-called male menopause. Most often, this critical phenomenon is observed in 50 years. In the late stage of age-related androgen deficiency manifests itself in an older person 60 years, but, like many other diseases, androgen deficiency is now "younger". Therefore, to improve the potency after 40 it is necessary to apply preventive measures (including using traditional ways hormone). And to maintain potency in men after 50 it must be done systematically. If treatment of folk remedies belatedly a year or two, we should not despair, we must move on to hormone replacement therapy, taking prescription drugs of testosterone.


Erection quality is also largely dependent on psychological factors, so here are justified and appropriate folk remedies for erection, giving the man confidence in his abilities and energy. For example, thyme (thyme) since ancient times was known as the plant, the smell of which gives man the courage and strength. Modern science confirms the ability of thyme to relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

But the psychological factor on the erection a key influence has often in his youth. With age, gradually increasing the role and share of physical reasons for the development of erectile dysfunction, and the trick answer to the question how to increase potency in men after 45 years of shifting in the direction of treatment of major diseases that triggered a sexual disorder.


The condition of the prostate gland is one of the most important factors that directly affect erectile function. Prostate massage is an effective and important, but to folk remedies to increase male potency it is more often not carry. But celery, as a strong diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent for maintaining the functions of the prostate gland is really good. In addition, celery is a dietary product with a high amount of fiber, which helps to control body weight. The function of the prostate gland also improve already mentioned above, pumpkin seeds.

Erection is regulated by the peripheral and Central nervous system. Quality conduction of nerve signals - a prerequisite to ensuring the erectile function. Therefore, in the folk tradition "caught on" the way "hardening" of the nervous system with contrast thermal treatments and/or relaxation sessions. The latter is necessary in order to remove possible trapped by the blockade. With a minimum number of contraindications to increase male potency can recommend the massage of the genitals.

As for the "hardening" of the nervous system, baths with cold pond and a sauna with a swimming pool can increase the potency, and harm, since these methods raise the potency there are a number of limitations. In particular, in cardiovascular diseases, contrast thermal treatments can provoke pathological changes. Therefore, before embarking on "breaking bad", you should first determine the cause of erectile disorders. It is very likely that such a cause would be problems with the blood vessels.

The cardiovascular system is also largely determined by the ability to achieve penis sufficient for sexual intercourse filling with blood. If vessels are narrowed, damaged or clogged, broken and supply of the penis arterial blood. Moreover, since the diameter of the coronary vessels and blood vessels, ensuring filling of the penis are the same, then the appearance of organic vascular impotence, it is possible to assume the likelihood of developing heart disease.

Good to know! The funds that will be effective for symptoms of cardiovascular disease, and fit to increase male potency.

Proven folk remedy to expand the blood vessels and, consequently, to enhance blood circulation, garlic is considered to be. Because the components of garlic arise sulfurous compounds that contribute to vasodilatation and to ensure the penile tissues. Components of garlic are involved in the process of the production of testosterone, raising the libido. Pumpkin seeds are bypassed and other products from our traditional table in the quantity of zinc, but the amount of L-arginine, which, during the process of splitting into nitric oxide leads to the dilation of blood vessels, becoming the building material of nitrogen metabolism. It is also for its part increases the ability of male sex.

running to increase potency

Products that can improve the condition of the cardiovascular system, traditionally has been included in all lists of tools to enhance potency at home. The use of such products is really often a reasonable and reasonable way to get an erection. However, many folk remedies to improve erection (problems which are caused by vascular diseases) sin two flaws:

  1. Healthful herbs, often used in tinctures and balms, can easily give side or opposite effect by exceeding recommended dosage. This happens in cases when, for example, tinctures for potency drink as drinking alcohol, from 100-300 ml, and more. Excess dosage with regard to any product will be accompanied by side effects, but with the extracts of medicinal herbs in vodka or alcohol to exceed the maximum value of the norm is very simple. As a result, instead of improving tone can be achieved depressing the nervous system, and instead of expanding blood vessels is to wait for the headaches or hemorrhage.
  2. High calorie content. For example, honey, which is also, according to the traditions of folk medicine, increases the potency, with all its advantages is very high-calorie product, which requires careful treatment, as to cure. Accordingly, the dose must also be particularly therapeutic for men obese. High calorie content differ and nuts.

Therefore, almost mandatory related to all measures affecting the potency of folk remedies will be moderate exercise, exercises, prevent stagnation of blood in the genitals and pelvic organs. There is suitable training of the pubic-coccygeal muscles, and yoga with a set of certain poses and just systematic exercise. This method of bringing yourself up will allow you to get rid of many other health problems. In addition, to raise the potency needed stop Smoking and drinking doses of alcohol.



The issues of increased potency with the topic of ejaculation is associated, as a rule, in cases of premature ejaculation and, rarely, in cases of uncontrolled delay ejaculation. As in previous stages, the mental state of men and the state of his Central and peripheral nervous systems affect the performance of the process. At home folk remedies these disorders are also try to treat anti-anxiety drugs, own production - often teas and decoctions on the basis of mint and lemon balm.

However, the restoration of potency in men folk remedies in such cases is likely not enough therapeutic variability in the formation of an individual approach. Andrologists mostly include premature ejaculation not organic, and cyclical psychological problems, get rid of them it is necessary on reception at the sexologist or psychologist. There will be a corrected issue of individual regulatory period before ejaculation, there is raised the question about premature ejaculation etc.

Among the psycho-physical factors, can be called inflammatory processes in the appendages of the genital glands, but they are connected to psychological factors, making the overall picture. In General folk tradition practiced indirect psychological effect direct decrease in sensitivity of the glans penis:

  1. Psychological effect due to the adaptation of the man who received from the hands of a reputable healer miracle remedy.
  2. The decrease in sensitivity is performed by applying the ointment on the basis of lidocaine or benzocaine, and by using condoms with "coolant" lubricant.

Thus, using the above criteria we have compiled the most effective ways to raise the potency of which can now make your own top best. It includes the following traditional methods and products:

  • part of the diet of the top in the category "How to increase the potency at home" presents pumpkin seeds, garlic, thyme and celery (they operate on a different system and do not compensate each other's action);
  • the procedural part consists of a systematic physical exercise and massage of the genital organs, prostate and body as a whole.

To the listed products and methods, you can add a number of common recipes, which, according to folk traditions, and the answer to the question of how to raise male potency in the absence of serious organic disorders, and the question of how to treat impotence if a violation has already expressed manifests itself.