Low potency — treatment of folk remedies


Folk remedies for potency have become more popular, because not every man dares to visit the right specialist, faced with problems in the intimate sphere. However, there is one "but": in such a delicate matter as erectile dysfunction treatment folk remedies, the main thing — not to hurt, after some tips passed on from mouth to mouth, can be unsafe for the male body.

If people prescriptions for male power?

The effects of virtually any home treatment methods on the human body is slower and gentler than medication, physiotherapy or surgery. However, traditional methods of increase potency in men are very popular because of contraindications and they are much less than medical procedures.

So, with a slight decrease testosterone production, you can try to normalize hormonal balance through the ingestion of herbal infusions, the use of certain products, increase in physical activity. You can, of course, take special medications, containing hormones, but in this case, the body of the mill is even less to develop the necessary substances, resulting in the person would have life "to sit" on tablets.

In more severe cases, treatment to the doctor is necessary, for example, an exacerbation of the symptoms of prostatitis, deterioration of potency due to problems with blood vessels or heart disease. Attempts at self-medication can lead to dangerous complications, dangerous to life, and we will go about saving the patient, not the preservation of his masculine power.

Thus, folk remedies for impotence can only be applied in the absence of other diseases, and preferably after a full examination of the body, to exclude the likelihood of complications.

Increased potency, through a change of diet

The activity of all body systems the greatest impact of food regularly consume. Consequently, only one change of diet can get rid of many ailments, improve health and enhance the body tone. On the potency of the food also has a significant impact. Most efficient eating the following foods:

1. Sour cream, cheese, eggs, chicken and other foods rich in protein but do not contain excessive amounts of fat, i.e., different average calorific value.
2. Honey for men and nuts, which contain relatively high concentrations are required for normal potency. Of the products you can prepare the mixture, mixing them in equal shares. To make the honey-nut mixture should be 2 tsp, preferably half an hour after meals, up to three times a day. The product can be taken with milk to enhance the effect. This rate of improvement should last at least 20-30 days.
3. Parsley for men, onion, vitamin tea from the leaves of wild strawberry, black currant, cherry and other plants are rich in vitamins and organic acids.
4. Oysters, shrimp, mussels and other seafood that contains a lot of protein and important micronutrients.
5. Pistachios are very beneficial for men product. They contain arginine, contributing to sufficient relaxation of blood vessels and improve blood supply to the penis.
6. Celery juice, which contains many valuable components that should be taken half an hour before meals in the amount of 1-2 tsp.

The mere inclusion of healthy foods in the diet can not be avoided. To achieve a stable enhance potency, it is necessary to cease to eat junk food, overly rich in fats and preservatives. Better to completely give up the fast food, chips, sausages and other "achievements" of the food industry, giving preference to organic food. In this case, the body will function most optimally, and the reproductive system will be more coherent.

Other popular recipes of impotence

The increase in erectile function folk remedies will be more effective if to use not one, but several of the most effective methods.

In addition to changing the diet to achieve harder erections you can using the following methods:

1. Performing special exercises, activating the blood circulation in the genital area. This is the usual squats, crunches, and more complex movements to learn which can be both independently and under the guidance of a coach in the fitness center. To the classes benefited, to exercise regularly, preferably daily, but reasonable dosing load to prevent surge. Daily activities also needs to be active. Office workers can part of work done standing or on the move (for example, to talk on the phone, print documents, etc.). Imperceptibly, you can perform Kegel exercises involving alternate contraction of the muscles responsible for urination. Finally, it is recommended that rhythmically suck in and puff out the stomach, which will allow to train the abdominal muscles without interrupting other activities.
2. Auditory training, yoga, meditation. Not quite the traditional methods in the classical sense, but no less effective. These practices decrease stress, increase the degree of confidence of men in themselves, relieve obsessive fears, and anxieties related to intimacy. There are even certain yoga exercises designed to normalize male hormonal balance and strengthen erections.
3. Rejection uncomfortable underwear, and a choice of comfortable products for everyday wear. Mens underwear must meet several requirements: to be spacious enough, are made of natural fabrics, not too tight (in the summer). Tight bottoms squeezing the sex organs and contribute to their overheating, which might even decrease male fertility, and decline of potency. So the man who cares about their health should wear comfortable textiles, and at night to rest better and does without.
4. Finally, the best popular way to increase potency is the variety of intimate relations, but not in the sense of choosing different partners, and the relative preference of sexual position or ambient intimacy.

Before you can restore the potency of folk remedies, even the most harmless, it is advisable to consult a specialist to inform of your intention to start taking these or other herbs, or significantly increase the level of physical activity.