Increased potency in men after 50 — ways that bring results

Problems arise for many reasons: a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, bad habits, overweight, alcohol abuse, constant stress, psychological instability. Weakens with age muscular frame, and masculine strength. All this adversely affects the internal sex organs and the whole body.

Predisposing factors

Many men have problems with health with age and loss of physical activity and reduced potency in men after 50. The reasons are different:

  • the development of inflammatory processes in the reproductive system;
  • the course of disease in the chronic form, is not cured even at a young age;
  • high blood pressure;
  • unstable hormonal failure, which is inevitable in old age;
  • the metabolic disorder;
  • diabetes can lead to lower testosterone levels, when assistance is required endocrinologist;
  • hernia affecting sexual function in men;
  • the reduction in testosterone in men after 50;
  • bad habits (alcohol, Smoking, drugs);
  • failure to observe your diet;
  • maintaining a passive sedentary lifestyle, leading to gradual fading of the functions in the reproductive system;
  • problems with cardiovascular activity, when the vessel walls gradually become thinner, less elastic, and to the genitals stops blood.

Age wears out the heart and accumulates cholesterol, thereby provoking the development of serious diseases (heart attack, stroke). Potency decreases after 50, when men in a timely manner do not go to doctors, have resorted to self-treatment and methods of alternative medicine, exacerbating the situation and the disease passing into the chronic stage.

Thus, erectile dysfunction and potency is inevitable. In addition, to cause decrease in sexual function may:

  • obesity;
  • the bad ecological situation;
  • frequent and not dosed antibiotics, psychotropic drugs;
  • the lack of regular sex;
  • neglecting annual preventive examinations by doctors.

Gradually reduced erection and in 40-45 years: manifest the primary symptoms of the bells. And by age 50, many men have revealed a whole bunch of possible complications.

What to do?


When asked about how to strengthen the potency, it should be understood that only a comprehensive treatment and effects on sexuality will help restore virility and protect against the development of impotence. Sexologists recommend first and foremost to eliminate provoking factors and bad habits, lead an active lifestyle, healthy nutrition and to make sex a regular. To increase and improve the potency will help pharmacy drugs, exercises, massage, traditional methods.


Sildenafil tablets to increase potency, increase libido, increase the duration of sexual intercourse. Before applying you need to clearly follow the instructions. Do not take the drug in conjunction with alcohol to prevent intoxication and reduce the effectiveness of such therapy. There are contraindications: blood disorders, cardiovascular pathology, high blood pressure, liver problems.

Impaza as a homeopathic remedy for the stimulation, energizing and filling with blood the corpora cavernosa. the Drug is indicated for use in flaccid erections, premature ejaculation. Take 2 tablets 3 hours before sexual intercourse. The second tablet, you can drink directly for 0.5 hours, the active ingredients have time to be absorbed, and the therapeutic effect was not long in coming. Can be side effects: Allergy, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. The appearance of such symptoms, treatment should be terminated.

Viagra tablets to raise an erection, widening the artery in the groin. The tool begins to act very quickly. But about the possible need to use Viagra should first consult a doctor.

Levitra versus Viagra onset of action after 25 minutes after taking the pill. The action is very long

Sialis to enhance potency in pill form as an analogue of Viagra starts to act within 36 hours, but to take with food and alcohol is not recommended.

Yarsagumba from Chinese manufacturers with biologically active herbal supplements as a safe drug to restore blood flow in the pelvis, enhance potency and libido, increase testosterone levels. Do not take the drug in epilepsy, excessive nervousness, heart failure, tachycardia. With the appearance of unpleasant symptoms and sleep disturbance treatment must be discontinued.

It is important to understand that each medium has its indications and contraindications. Before the application is well acquainted with the instructions, to identify possible side effects.

You should not take medicines spontaneously and lightly. They must act on the cause that led to the reduction of potency in men after age 50, also to enhance arousal, fill with blood the penis.

Some men use creams and gels topically before sexual intimacy with female partners. It is better to buy the proven tools in pharmacies in order to avoid fraud and the appearance of unpleasant symptoms (itching, burning, allergies).

Dietary supplements


To achieve a therapeutic therapeutic effect in response to the question: how to raise the potency after 50, is indicated for use as dietary Supplements supplements to food.

Folk remedies

Well help improve sluggish erections and sexual potency in 50 years not only medicines and dietary SUPPLEMENTS, and folk remedies herbs:

  • fenugreek (seeds) has long been used in people to treat impotence. 1 tbsp. l. pour the milk (1 Cup), stir and drink immediately;
  • ginseng (10 g) pour boiling water (400 ml), infuse, strain and take 2 tsp 2 times a day;
  • krasavka (prepare a tincture). The dried leaves (2 tablespoon) pour vodka (0.5 liters), insist 7 days in a dark place, strain and take 8-10 drops 3 times a day.

In the preparation of medicinal tinctures at home you can use thyme, Siberian ginseng (extract), male yartishnik, rosemary scented root, ginseng, calamus, nettle (leaves). Preferably decoctions and infusions of be taken before meals, which is useful for diseases of the prostate. Daily intake soon get rid of problems with potency.

Other recipes

Med. To prepare balm essential for men 50 years with a bad erection. Why honey (250 g) mixed with red wine (500 ml), put in the fridge for 5 days then strain, take 2 tsp 2 times a day.

Shilajit (tincture). 2G mixed with water (10 tbsp), make a decoction 1 tbsp. l. before eating.

Celery (root, 200g) + ginger (10g) mixed with distilled water (300 ml), boil 15 minutes, strain, take chilled 2 tsp 2 times a day

Ginger (root) to insist on vodka or as a seasoning to add to baked goods, salads, meals. In combination with honey is an excellent remedy for the normalization of potency.

Garlic, grate and prepare a tincture by adding vodka. Take a few drops 3 times a day.


Of course, the potency is 50 years and blood flow in the penis affect products which take men daily. But some can cause seizures and lead to weakness of potency, poor circulation. Diet plays an important role in the development of male hormones, stimulate the reproductive system in General.

To enhance the libido, testosterone production, and the natural excitability men should use such products as: rye bread, quail eggs, garlic, onion, pomegranate, figs, nuts, pumpkin seeds, seafood, fish (mackerel), dairy products (sour cream, yogurt), spinach, celery, honey and any spices, yogurt, cottage cheese.

Good to add to salads asparagus, beets and onions as a great products to improve potency. Useful to drink carrot juice with erectile dysfunction and eat a handful of walnuts daily, with milk. To return to its former potency helps white wine, it is enough to take 100 grams daily.

To increase the potency after 50, it is important to engage in physical activities, thereby dispersing the blood, improving blood flow in the penis. Applicable regular squat, lowering the housing for inflating the press, the rotational motion of the pelvis to stretch the groin muscles, Jogging long distances. This is a proven old methods to increase potency.

Most importantly, men after 50 years you need to positively look to the positive result. You can spend an erotic massage from Chinese medicine by acting on certain points on the feet and hands according to the type of acupuncture that leads to sustainable positive results, normalize blood circulation, increase libido.

Not to panic, after all, biological processes in the body and the reproductive system is reversible. It is important to eliminate negative triggers, to establish intimacy with a woman to eliminate stress and not to worry over trifles. With the appearance of unpleasant symptoms is faster to go to the doctors to identify the problem, purpose of the complex treatment.

In men after 50 years the body is changing, drastically reduced testosterone levels, and genitals are experiencing androgen deficiency. Restoration and improvement of potency after 50 years without hormonal replacement therapy to fill the deficiency of androgens and other hormones in the body.

Men should monitor their weight, blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood, which leads to deterioration of the vessels and movement of blood, it surges to your penis.

Do not neglect the appearance of the first bells of the reduced potency, when men have a sense of emptiness, depression, irritability. Drastically reduced the number of sexual contacts. Only the treatment will allow quickly and in record time to increase the potency after 50 years in men.