Increased potency in men after 40 years

With the need to increase potency after the age of 40 years old today faces a growing number of men. A high level of stress combined with irregular unbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle and bad habits cause sexual disorders afflict males. The sooner start therapy emerged of violations, the higher the probability of saving sexual activity until the most advanced years.

Signs of impotence in men 40 years

Sexual potency in men 40 years cannot be reduced greatly compared with the period between thirty and forty years. With age the production of testosterone in the male body gradually fades, but a healthy forty-year men not only lose their sexual activity, but on the contrary, as a rule, is experiencing a "second youth".

Modern sexologists included in the term "impotence" not only erectile dysfunction (impairment of blood flow in the vessels of the penis, causing an erection does not occur and man is not able to commit a sexual act). Decreased libido, sluggish interest in sex and opposite sex, premature ejaculation or weak, unstable erection also belong to this sexual disorder. Therefore, the loss or weakening of potency, it is possible to say if the following violations:

  1. Erection is no. Male may either not experience sexual attraction to a woman or not coming to a state of sexual arousal (characterized by the erection) even in the presence of an emotional desire to engage in sexual contact.
  2. Erection sluggish, spontaneous reappears and can suddenly disappear in the process of sexual act. The frequency of occurrence of spontaneous sexual arousal is reduced. Such manifestations reduce potency in men can be caused by hormonal disorders or vascular system.
  3. Premature ejaculation. Failure to stop ejaculation and keep erection is often associated with a malfunction of the vascular system.

Causes of impotence in men 40 years

Problems with potency, 40 years in men occur in two main groups of factors – psychological and organic. The first group is associated with a change in emotional state. The onset of psychogenic impotence contribute to the following reasons:

  • a lot of stress;
  • the presence of sexual trauma;
  • increased anxiety, depression, neurosis;
  • fear of failure, insecurity in their sexual capabilities;
  • long-term abstinence.

Reduced potency under the influence of organic (or physiological) factors, the failure of vascular or hormonal systems caused by the following internal and external reasons:

  • Chronic diseases (diabetes, diseases of the circulatory system, prostate adenoma, etc.)
  • Bad habits (Smoking, alcohol abuse).
  • Sedentary sedentary lifestyle, low physical activity.
  • Violation of the regime of the day.
  • An improper diet.
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Methods of increasing potency in men after 40 years

In order to find effective treatments reduced the men's potency after 40 years, you need to seek help from professionals. Self-medication through the use of drugs that stimulate an erection will not resolve the problem, and in some cases could seriously aggravate the situation. The increase in potency requires a comprehensive approach, chosen in accordance with the reasons.

Physiological system disorders require treatment of the underlying disease, restore hormonal balance and normal function of the vascular system. Psychological impotence is corrected on the psychotherapy sessions, aimed at improving the health of the nervous system and elimination of the arisen against this background of sexual difficulties. Patients after the age of 40 years with any form of disease, you should observe the following recommendations:

  • To restore the normal regime of the day. To sleep, to have an active lifestyle, to play sports.
  • To balance the diet. Preference should be given protein-rich foods (lean meat, eggs, dairy products, legumes), fresh fruit and vegetables. It is better to abandon spicy, fatty, fried food.
  • To give up Smoking and alcohol abuse.

Drug therapy

Prescription drugs shall be in accordance with the nature of the pathology. Means restoring the operation of the mechanism erektivnoy functions are of the following types:

  • Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5. Have an immediate effect, within 30-120 minutes. Ensure stable long-term erection.
  • Tools that work to increase testosterone levels. Normalize hormonal balance, stimulate production of the male sex hormone. Produced in the form of tablets, and medicines for local applications and solutions for injection.
  • Products based on natural botanicals (dietary Supplements). Increase male potency when administered against a background of improvement of metabolic processes,enhance the production of testosterone under the influence of natural means.

Hardware treatment

Physical therapy with the use of specially designed devices helps to normalize blood circulation in the pelvic area, restores the sensitivity of the nerves and receptors of the penis, stimulates local blood flow (circulation in blood vessels of the penis). Increased potency occurs thank to alternate impact on the cavernous tissue of the male sexual organ waves arising from electron magnetic fluctuations. Their influence is eliminates stagnant processes in the vessels, increases their elasticity.

Devices are used extensively in the treatment of prostatitis. During therapy impotence treatment hardware is used as a helper method, accelerates the onset of therapeutic effect of the other measures. Experts recommend to combine hardware technique of holding massages and performing special physical exercises, which is also aimed at improving the vascular system of the pelvic organs.

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Folk therapy

Natural herbal remedy to increase potency in many cases, the effectiveness of medicines. Therefore, their application in the complex treatment of male sexual disorders is recommended not only traditional healers but also the professional sexologists. Popular time-tested products are:

  1. Honey with nuts (lungwort). You can use peanuts, pistachios, pine or walnut to suit your taste. Mix 200 g nuts 200 g of honey. Taking a daily on an empty stomach, 1 tsp of the mixture for 2-3 months.
  2. A drink based on ginger. Tea made from ginger root with the addition of thyme or wild rose can be drunk 2-3 times a day, brewing 1 tablespoon of each ingredient 500 ml of boiling water.
  3. Decoctions of herbs. To increase potency after 40 years are recommended a decoction of sweet flag, Hypericum, ginseng. 100 mg of dry vegetable raw material is poured boiling water and kept in a thermos or in a water bath for 20-30 minutes. Take 2 tsp 3 times a day for 3-4 months.


During the massage the genital area there is a direct local impact, in which the normal vascular pressure and recovery of the gonads. The method helps to improve the efficiency of other therapies. Pass sessions of manual therapy is better by a specialist. Technology the procedure is the following:

  1. Slowly, with no strong pressing, and massaged the area between the testicles and anus.
  2. In the next stage transferred to the area above the pubic bone.
  3. Last massage the area between the testicles and the lower branch of the pubic bone.


Increased potency in men after the age of 40 spend using total physical activity and perform complex exercises. This includes the following types of loads:

  • Rotational motion of the pelvis. Improve circulation in the genital area. Position feet shoulder width apart, hands at waist, rotate the pelvis first clockwise, then counterclockwise (30-40 times on each side, 2-3 sets), in the widest possible amplitude.
  • Squats. Effective for the prevention of prostatitis and other stagnant phenomena in the prostate gland. Perform the exercise with your feet shoulder-width apart, alternating dynamic, deep and classic squats. Start with 2-3 approaches on 10 times, then this number gradually increased.
  • Bike. Rotational leg movements similar to movements during Cycling, perform lying on your back and sitting on the floor for 30-40 spins for the approach. Exercise helps to restore metabolic processes and increasing blood circulation.
  • Boat. Lying on his stomach with outstretched arms, the breath from the floor at the same time tear off the shoulders and legs from the hip. At the top are delayed by 3-5 seconds, exhale, fall to the floor. In one approach have to do at least 10-15 lifts.