Products for potency in men

Human health directly depends on what he eats, it refers to the reproductive function in men. If you eat the wrong foods, you can even trigger the development of impotence and infertility. Particularly strong negative effect poor diet together with alcohol.

If a man knows all the products increase potency, or erectile dysfunction, he most likely will be able to avoid the unpleasant consequences of their use. Consider what kind of food should be for impotence, and it is not necessary to eat healthy male.


Products for potency in men

Food for potency should be first and foremost balanced and healthy. That is, the man recommended to change the diet, is necessary 5-6 times a day small portions. In food you must use only fresh and healthy products that do not contain harmful substances.

In General, the diet should consist of the following products:

  • lean meat and poultry;
  • fish and seafood;
  • vegetables, herbs;
  • fruits, berries, nuts;
  • cereals;
  • dairy products;
  • vegetable oil.

Cook needed for a couple, either by boiling and stewing, frying food is prohibited.

Diet impotence also implies the use of products-aphrodisiacs, that contain substances that increase libido. Such foods include mussels, oysters, asparagus, sea Kale, mushrooms, bananas, eggs. But you should not abuse them, everything should be in moderation.


If the patient does not want to become impotent, then his diet needs to be eliminated food for erectile dysfunction. This is all harmful food, particularly fat, especially meat, fried, smoked, spicy, dyes, preservatives and flavorings. Such products have a negative impact on the whole body, especially on blood vessels, causing the formation of cholesterol plaques.

Atherosclerosis leads to the fact that in the whole body blood circulation, including in the penis. And erectile dysfunction is not the most dangerous consequence of thrombosis. The pathology disrupts the work of the heart, liver, kidneys and other internal organs, and can lead to death.

A list of foods that strengthen erectile dysfunction:

  • fast food;
  • semi-finished products;
  • sausage from the store.
  • white bread and pastries;
  • sweets like candy, cakes, soda;
  • grilled meats, especially pork;
  • beer.
harmful products for potency in men

Beer and white bread contains phytoestrogens, which provoke a reduction in the production of testosterone. Through the use of these products in a large number of male gradually turns into women on the hormonal level and externally.

All these foods lead to obesity, problems with blood vessels and endocrine system. As erection is regulated by these bodies when damage occurs erectile dysfunction.

This food is recommended to completely eliminate from the diet, especially as it relates to alcohol. Or reduce its use to the maximum. Regular meals in this way will one day lead to erectile dysfunction.