How to increase the potency with spray


To improve erections men use all sorts of methods. In addition to the popular tablets and capsules enjoying great success sprays. Each drug has its own special composition and has certain properties. In order to make the right choice, we should understand each component and only after exclusion of contraindications to buy a particular spray.

How to use and what are the benefits of spray

In order to achieve the effect, it is sufficient to spray a drop on the male member. Some funds are applied only to the body of the penis, avoiding the head. In addition, some drops should spread evenly until fully absorbed, while others can be used as lubrikanta. For this reason, before you apply the spray, you should carefully examine the annotation. The effect usually appears within a few minutes.

When using condoms make sure that the composition of the drug allows for its use in conjunction with contraceptives.

Any potency spray has a number of advantages. First and foremost, it is very easy to use. To enhance erections in just a few taps on the spray and evenly distribute the drops on the skin of the penis. It takes a few seconds of time, and the effect appears already in 8-14 minutes. In addition, most of the drugs for men has a pleasant taste and aroma that will bring into sexual life of a special experience. Moreover, in some cases, eliminates the need for a deep absorption that allows the use of the spray does not only enhance erection, but also as lubrikanta.

Unlike other formulations, when using the spray is not prohibited to drink alcohol

But the main benefits derive from the features of the product form. Given the fact that drops applied to the skin of the penis, significantly reduces the list of contraindications. Active components are immediately absorbed into the tissue of the penis and have an effect. However, they do not pass through the stomach, liver or kidneys. Due to this contraindications associated with these organs, will not be a limitation to the use of these funds to improve erection. Moreover, the effect does not change from intake of alcohol or fatty foods.

The same applies to side effects. Sprays do not cause nausea, dizziness, increasing the pressure. This allows you to use similar means to prolong sexual intercourse and enhancing erection in almost all men.

But still there are some limitations. Spray for erection may not be used in the following situations:

• condition after suffering a heart attack;
• polostnyje operations for the last 6 months;
• psihonevrologicheskije deviation;
• injuries of the penis;
• deformation of the member.

In other words, the restricted use any drugs for treatment of erectile dysfunction is the presence of States banning sexual arousal.

Before you use something to prolong the erection and enhance the desire, it is important to exclude serious deviations, visiting the doctor.