At what age reduced potency in men

Problem with male power should not occur in men under 50 years of age. The last time these statistics are becoming less relevant and the problems with men's health occur much earlier. Invoked such a reaction of the body many physical and psychological factors that man alone makes in your daily life.

Reduce the level of erection can be physical, psychological problems, or a combination between them. Problems with potency can not be left without attention even the older men, because they, too, should engage in an active sex life. Knowing what age reduced potency in men, men can perform certain preventive measures and thereby to preserve their health for years to come.

decrease of erection

Up to the age of potency is normal

Potency to what age should not decrease the man — this information is very important. Statistics of the doctors said that the gradual extinction of male power starts with 50, but if you try to take some preventative measures, male power will remain stable much longer. Another statistics of international medical research indicate the following:

  • 10% of men thirty years of age sometimes there are small failures in bed;
  • after 40 years, 50% of the male population has trouble with erections;
  • men under thirty years of age, rarely faced with an unpleasant problem of the weakening of men's health;
  • after 50 years, almost every representative of the stronger sex is faced with occasional failures;
  • at the age of 60 or 65 years of age sexual function falls almost to zero, the counter erection is not there.

Male potency and age representative of the stronger sex can be considered linked. If a man leads a healthy lifestyle, he still can count on a long and productive sex life, and, otherwise, have very often, and even to visit doctors regularly.

If a man decided to self-medicate, then it should not be done. Sometimes, in order to remedy the situation, men have to take many medicines and even decide on surgery. That is why a man should not run their own health, and in the case of rare sexual failures begin to sound the alarm.

Why reduced potency in young men. The main provoking factors

Problems with men's health, in recent years, very rejuvenated. This is directly linked to the fact that men work hard, lead an irregular lifestyle, have a regular sexual partner. The main reasons that a thirty-year man can't satisfy his woman in bed, can become such factors

problems in bed
  • the abuse of alcohol and Smoking;
  • man leads a sedentary lifestyle, which causes stagnant processes in the pelvis;
  • frequent abstinence from sexual intimacy with a partner;
  • heart problems and diabetes;
  • frequent stress, nervous breakdowns and regular fatigue;
  • different physical injuries that are present in the intimate area.

These factors are a very serious problem for many men and not give them the opportunity to lead an active sex life. And it is not even the fact that sperm quality does not allow to conceive a child. Erection is very weak, and to make a full sexual intercourse becomes almost impossible. This problem may occur because the disturbed hormones. To accurately determine the cause of problems with potency, a man at home can not, it is necessary to examine the body fully in the medical center.

What if the young men decreased potency

It is worth noting the fact that older men treat this problem quite easily, but the young guys want to solve it as soon as possible. In this case, after passing all tests and proper examination, the doctors may man to offer the following solutions to the problem:

  • medication and correction of hormonal pills;
  • conducting a prostate massage and additional physiotherapeutic procedures;
  • proper nutrition and elimination of bad habits;
  • performing special physical exercises that help to eliminate congestion;
  • a series of injections to improve men's condition;
  • the elimination of the psychological factors contributing to the emergence of such problems;
  • solving problems through surgical intervention.

The latter measure is considered only in critical situations, and in most cases eliminated by a conservative. Male potency is recovered very quickly through the use of tablets, but to abuse them is not worth it, better to start to live a healthy lifestyle, get rid of psychological stress and everything will gradually be back to normal.

problems with potency

What if the potency disappears in men older than 50

Every man should realize that in his life sooner or later will come a time when his virility begins to fade. Reduced potency after 50 years is the norm for the body. To the potency starts to decline early, the man will have to regularly practice effective preventive measures, among which worth mentioning:

  • lead an active and healthy lifestyle;
  • to stay away from various kinds of stressful situations;
  • not to overwork excessively your body;
  • very carefully monitor your heart, track down the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • to include in the diet more vitamins and minerals that can be obtained from certain foods.

If you eat 15 pieces of walnuts per day, then the potency will be fine.

Very favorably on the condition of the intimate health of men affected by walnuts. If you eat 15 pieces a day, with potency for sure everything will be fine.

If a man takes the pills, then they should not be abused. The doctor can tell you exactly how to use the medication properly, but if the man had not contacted the clinic, he should carefully study the manual to find out if he had any contraindications to the drug and what the side effects can give it. With age, the level of libido of men decreases and this is quite normal, but it is necessary to do everything to ensure that this happened as late as possible.

What to do to loss of male power is not a problem of young age

Problems with potency in young age are very rare, but certain detrimental factors can degrade the quality of men's health. It's enough to abuse alcohol, lead a passive way of life or to some kind of physical trauma. So the man was able for as long as possible to maintain their sexual health, he should regularly carry out prevention:

  • to eat more greens, fresh juices, nuts with honey, and less fatty, fried foods;
  • try to completely eliminate from your life stressful situation;
  • men of all ages should engage in regular physical activity to reduce potency factors as much as possible not bothered;
  • for the sake of men's health is better to abandon the frequent ingestion of strong alcohol and Smoking.

Potency cannot be reduced to the age of thirty, if a man leads an active lifestyle and has no additional physical injuries.

Restore virility after 50 years may be due to medications.

To take care of men's health needs not only the representative of the stronger sex, but and his loved ones. Even with minor setbacks husband in 30 or 40 years, the wife does not have very sharply to react. Sometimes psychological barriers become more serious problem than faults in terms of physical health. Restore virility after 50 years may be due to medications and, in extreme cases, doctors carried out surgery.

Knowing what age male potency waiting for the weakening of the representative of the stronger sex can mentally prepare yourself.. Only way to avoid more serious problems and try to keep the situation under control. The correct way of life and extends men's health, so before you drink alcohol or smoke a man should think that in a couple of years with its level of potency. If a man wants to preserve their sexual health for years to come, we will do everything possible in order to avoid problems.


After 50 years men potency starts to decline slowly. Over time, stand to achieve an erection can be achieved only if the reception of medical preparations. If this happens, the person needs to immediately run to the doctor and try to correctly solve the problem. To run such a state is impossible. Because the longer the man will be in good sexual health, the less it will bother other problems.

Men's health is a very important factor for a representative of the stronger sex and therefore should be protected in his youth, it was not necessary ahead of time to say goodbye to my sex life. Healthy lifestyle, proper diet and moderate exercise will be very useful, but tobacco and alcohol kill a man's strength very quickly. This is worth remembering, before his own hand to harm the body.