Herbs and tinctures for potency in men: a plant list and recipes

Especially to increase potency in men, it is not necessary to drink drugs-stimulants in pharmacies. Knowing which herbs increase potency, you can get the quality of sexual life.

herbs for potency

The healing power of nature

It is known that practically all plants are useful and have medicinal properties. The only question is which of them contain substances that are necessary to raise the tone of the sexual life of men, in what concentration they are present there and how to take these herbs for potency to improve erections. In order to consider the effect that will have recipes, tinctures and herbs to increase potency, it is necessary to classify the problem concerns: the lack of potency or complexity with the extension and completion of intercourse in the initially increased libido.

In the first case, the problem of reducing the potency should be addressed by improving male libido to improving blood circulation leading to erection. In order to increase the potency of men, to cause desire, you must use the following herbs, choosing from:

  • Ginkgo biloba.
  • Hawthorn.
  • Gorjanki.
  • Ginseng.
  • Ivan-tea.
  • Nettle.
  • St. John's wort.
  • Thyme.
  • Dubrovnik.

These herbs cause the improvement of male potency and improvement of blood circulation, which ultimately leads to the normalization of sexual life men. In addition, these medicinal plants can affect a person's psychological status, helping to eliminate high anxiety and improve mood. So, extract of St. John's wort has long been used as a cure for depression as pills and tinctures on the basis of Ginkgo biloba – the best cure for chronic fatigue.

If the problem of decrease in potency is not caused by organic lesions, meaning there was no injury, because of which there is damage to the mechanism of erection, or a serious physical illness, while men folk remedies to strengthen and enhance the strength will certainly produce a positive effect in improving the quality of male sexual life.

Another problem, when the quality of sexual life men is reduced not due to lack of erection as such, but because of the short duration of sexual intercourse. For example, when a man comes a rapid orgasm during regular sexual intercourse or erection disappears in the course of sexual intercourse, being initially high. In this case, it is necessary not only to pick up folk remedies, increase the potency, but increase the time to continue it due to the action of the selected funds.

With this purpose, it is good to take herbs to improve the potency:

  • For wild oats.
  • Celery.
  • Parsley.
  • Calamus root.
  • Lemongrass far East (Chinese).
  • Dill.

This list of herbs for infusions incomplete, but gives you the opportunity to understand what plants are useful and improve the sex life by increasing the time of sexual intercourse.

An important caveat

If systematically and deliberately apply for the potency of herbal drugs, it is important to know plants that are able to reduce the desire not to spoil the therapeutic effect of inadvertently using them to increase strength of the men as an additive to broth or tea. Reducing the erection the effect is mint. Of course, it is not necessary to avoid all dishes, recipes which contain it, because the amount of this ingredient in tea or chewing gum is so little that it hardly will spoil methods to improve the potency and increase male sexual activity.

But if a person is accepted for therapeutic purposes, for example, grass Dubrovnik, it is not necessary to neutralize the effect of reinforcing male power, drinking the same amount of mint liqueur. There are other plants that negatively affect potency. So, to reduce the excitation of the recommended recipes from lemon balm, motherwort, oregano. If the problem of improving tone is not an edge, to increase potency in men it is better to avoid in large (therapeutic) amounts.

Recipes for all occasions

The easiest way to use herbs as a tincture, buying herbal or a single plant ready at the pharmacy. Instructions on how to make a drink to increase libido, indicated on the package. Do not expect an immediate effect, but after long-term use, you may notice significant result of male power.

It is important to remember that plants are not as safe as commonly believed. While uncontrolled intake or increasing dosages of plants to increase potency can cause intoxication of the body is a very dangerous health condition. Therefore, people who are prone to excessive reactions of the immune system to certain components, you should be careful.

If you want to cook the tincture yourself, nothing could be easier, because there are special recipes.

  1. You must take in 5 tablespoons of grass Dubrovnik, pour a glass of boiling water. Cover the container lid and allow to stand not less than 4 hours. Divide the decoction of herbs to enhance sexual potency in men for 4 servings and drink during the day. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.
  2. Take any alcoholic drink such as a pint of port wine, and boil. Add 5 tablespoons of seeds of nettles, and take fire for a few minutes, stirring constantly. Cool, infuse for half an hour and put in a cold place. Tincture before bed drink 2 tablespoons. To increase libido you need to drink the resulting number of tincture.
  3. 2 tablespoons herb St. John's wort, pour a glass of boiling water, cover and infuse for one hour. To drink tincture in one day, divided into three parts. The course is at least 12 days. Popular similar to how alcohol: take one tablespoon of dry grass Hypericum and poured five tablespoons of vodka. Recipe infused for a week, and then taken three times a day 40 drops to increase libido.

So any herbs for men to increase potency mentioned in the lists above, you can drink as tea, a tincture or decoction. It is important to be neat, combining different herbs with each other, because sometimes these recipes can increase the influence, causing painful sensations during the enhance erection. Or, on the contrary, the active substances of the herbs can "argue" with each other, and the broth, which was planned to gain a high tone, can be a means to decrease or even impair health. Therefore, when uncertainty in their skills collection of herbs to improve the potency it is better to buy ready made at the pharmacy.

Way to forget about the violation of potency once and for all...

Sex once a month became the norm, and hours-long marathons in bed you have long forgotten? Partner unhappy, but more unhappy with myself you yourself? Plummeting self-esteem?

Stress and fatigue often prevent to relax and it becomes a cause of misfires in bed. You're not alone – the same problem facing every 2nd male over the age of 30 years. Problems with potency entail:

  • Psychoemotional disorders (depression, unmotivated aggression, and even suicide attempts).
  • The disorder in the family – intimacy issues are often the cause of the collapse of marriage.
  • Attempts to fix the situation with hard drugs, which eventually leads to complete impotence.