Smoking and potency in men a strong relationship

Smoking and potency in men highly correlated. Tobacco can affect life expectancy, taking away a man's strength and reducing the quality of intimacy between partners. The development of erectile dysfunction can seriously complicate the life of not only older people but young age. Men, for various reasons, took up a cigarette and not able to part with it, today, threatening the number. Bad habit completely subordinates the will of man, with disastrous effects on a person's physical status, including on the sensitive area of his life. Experts are sounding the alarm, expressing concern about the effect of nicotine on the sexual health of men. Associated urologists prostatitis and Smoking, noting that tobacco dependence exacerbates the problems in a purely masculine sphere of activity.


How does this affect the potency Smoking

This from nature the ability of the male body to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse with age may be attenuated, but to aggravate the situation can nicotine dependence. To objectively answer, does Smoking on potency, you should carefully examine the composition of cigarettes, where there are 60 substances and compounds that have a negative impact on the condition of the blood vessels. In the pelvic area there is a narrowing of blood vessels, not allowing blood to fully circulate. Clogging of the vessels leads to disruption of blood flow, so in the sex organs not receiving sufficient blood. The effect of Smoking on potency is proven by experts, they conducted a study, which came to a disappointing conclusion:

  • daily Smoking about a pack of cigarettes men 60% more likely to suffer from impotence than those that never smoked;
  • about 20% of smokers have experienced erectile dysfunction;
  • among non-Smoking men only 12.5% have severe problems with potency;
  • smokers are 35% more likely than non-smokers have erectile dysfunction.

Any experienced physician in the elucidation of the causes of male impotence says that in 85% of cases, comes impotence from Smoking. Based on the practices and world research in this field, experts point out that Smoking and potency of men are interrelated.

But the impact of cigarettes on potency?

  1. The nicotine and tarcontained in the composition of cigarette smoke, are harmful for the circulatory system, leading to vascular spasm. The development of atherosclerosis with occlusion and fragility of blood vessels affects sexual life, because the blood vessels manhood is much softer than on the heart.
  2. A detrimental effect of Smoking on the heart, so the risk of myocardial infarction in smokers increases. Carbon monoxide contained in cigarette smoke, blocks the production of oxygen by the body as a whole, which negatively affects the work of all vital systems.
  3. Compounding the situation of Smoking in the prostatewhen men have problems not only with the erection, but also disorders of the entire urinary system. Stagnation of blood flow in the pelvic area often leads to inflammation of the prostate gland, which can lead to adenoma of prostate with all the negative consequences.
  4. Among them are inextricably linked Smoking and testosterone. Their own production of the male hormone have of a smoker is reduced, which affects sexual activity. Lost attraction to women. But this is reflected not only in the sexual sphere, but also in the social activity of men.
  5. Caring for children is not superfluous to know what is the impact of Smoking on male potency. Cigarettes threaten reproductive function. Reduced sperm motility. Deteriorating semen as the carrier of genetic information, because cigarettes affect the potency of man and his future children. Toxic substances impair the quality of sperm by reducing the concentration of viable cells. Newborns often present pathology.
Smoking and potency

The composition of cigarettes and its impact on potency

It is naive to believe many smokers that tobacco products are dangerous only nicotine. In the composition of tobacco present toxic compounds, capable of constant Smoking can harm the body men and other people who are forced to inhale the smoke with volatile compounds. Doctors today recognize that Smoking and potency of men are interrelated. After carefully studying the composition of cigarettes, each attending chemistry lessons in school can you imagine how Smoking affects the potency, and what it may bring.

Lame excuses smokers respect the fact that the filter is able to inhibit the penetration of harmful compounds in the body, scientists are not confirmed. Only 35-40% toxic substances is constrained by the filter. Is it possible to justify the dependence of cigarettes to any person, knowing what the detrimental effect of Smoking on potency is such substances as:

  • Nicotine is a mild drug, the use of which there is a brief agitation, light-headedness, elation, but it produces short-term effect, requiring a new dose. Not only is the effect of nicotine on the potency and hormones, but also affects the nervous, respiratory, urinary and cardiovascular system.
  • Cadmium and leadas heavy metals, have a negative impact on the kidneys, leading to fragility of blood vessels, contributing to the leaching of calcium from bone tissue. The lead is carried by the bloodstream to all organs, penetrates the tissues and cells.
  • Methane causes vomiting, dizziness. How does a poisonous gas on people everyone knows: he is able to have long-term negative effects on the body that contributes to toxicity in the body, provoking problems with potency.
  • Phenol causes irritation of the mucous membranes, which leads to the development of cancer of the trachea, throat and esophagus. Shortness of breath, prolonged coughing breathing problems, preventing full sex man, because he is simply not strong enough.
  • In the complex nicotine, acetaldehyde, isoprene, carbon monoxide can worsen the condition of blood vessels, not allowing to fully relax during sexual stimulation. This prevents the desired blood flow in the male organ, which affects erections.
  • Radioactive substances, arsenic, formaldehyde, nitrobenzene add a picturesque touch to the visual picture, which proves that Smoking and potency of men are interrelated.

Smoking and potency in men a strong relationship

It is proved that pathologically affect cigarettes on potency. Deliberately poisoning the body with toxic compounds, man sooner or later comes to the realization that Smoking and impotence are cause and consequence. Male impotence suffer the inhabitants of the planet, regardless of country of residence, level and status of life. Nicotine dependence contributes to the partial or complete absence of sexual desire in men, problems with ejaculation. Delving into the mechanism of how Smoking affects the potency, it can be noted that after smoked cigarettes, sexual activity and semen quality is reduced.

Heavy smokers can test the effects of cigarettes when refrain from Smoking for 8 hours, then you can compare the orgasm and the duration of sexual intercourse. Whereas after Smoking several cigarettes in a row erection problems is provided.

Scientists and doctors say that Smoking and impotence are linked, that is why the first point for successful treatment of erectile dysfunction is the refusal of cigarettes.

Smoking and potency, as Smoking affects the potency

The refusal from nicotine addiction and recovery of potency

A sober look at nicotine addiction, the risks to life and health, the recognition of the effect of Smoking on male potency – all this allows to recognize the scale of the impact of cigarettes on health and life. Recovery of potency after Smoking cessation depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, the length of the smoker and the desire to live fully. Knowing how nicotine affects the potency, a wise decision would be to give up the addiction. The potentiality after refusal of Smoking is much improved. Those who have decided to quit Smoking in the first phase are unlikely to be able to evaluate the results, after all, accustomed to the nicotine, the body will insistently demand dose. But a month later when the body will escape from nicotine captivity, man will be able to confirm that quitting Smoking and potency are interrelated. Those who quit Smoking say that:

  1. erection is improved;
  2. increases the duration of sexual intercourse;
  3. desire sexual intimacy will be appearing more often and expressed it much brighter;
  4. improvement of potency and overall health;
  5. normal ejaculation and achieved a full orgasm.

To recover the body different smokers after quitting cigarettes is a different. Good nutrition and sleep, activity will help to recover in 2-3 months, the body, and with the normalization of vascular tone without exposure to nicotine and the potency will recover and health will improve.

Knowing that Smoking causes impotence, it is worth to make an informed choice of what's important in life – a healthy sex life or daily submission to the cigarette.