Folk remedies to increase potency in men after 60 years

In adulthood, the representatives of the stronger sex, want to have the same active sex life as in his youth. Loss of libido for them is always painful. Therefore, potency in men of 60 years and her promotion of folk remedies, medicines and other topical subject.

There are many examples in this old age, and even older men become fathers. But to do this quite a bit:

Potency in 60 years
  1. To lead a healthy lifestyle.
  2. To diet and eat right.
  3. To abandon bad habits.
  4. Sport and physical culture.
  5. Monitor the health and especially for the urinary system.
  6. To support sexual function at a high level with the help of medicine.

Features of functioning of the reproductive system of 60-year-old men

Unlike women, whose reproductive system has age restrictions, the representatives of the stronger sex much longer feel the need for intimate relationships and can become parents, and for seventy years.

On the other hand, the potency in men 60 years it is still not what it was 20-30 and even 40 years. The gonads fades, the excitation takes more time, but one desire is not enough to come an erection, you need additional stimulation of erogenous zones. The main signs of aging are:

  • not strong enough for sexual intercourse irritability;
  • premature ejaculation (ejaculation);
  • weak orgasms or no;
  • long recovery between lovemaking;
  • the decrease in the number and mobility of sperm;
  • reduction of testes and loss of their elasticity;
  • a noticeable, significant sagging of the scrotum.

Problems with potency occur at different ages and for different reasons. Some of this is happening in 30 or 40 years, and in others, and in 80 such male power that she envied the young. We must not forget that a crucial role plays testosterone. When the decrease in sexual function deteriorates, but every representative of the stronger sex rate reducing sex hormone in the blood of the individual.

The factors that affect potency

There are many reasons that lead to sexual disorders in men older than 60 years:

  1. Weight, and as a result, a delay in body fat testosterone.
  2. The weakening of the activity of internal secretion glands, affect the development of sex hormone.
  3. An improper diet.
  4. Violation of metabolism in the body.
  5. Addictions: alcohol, nicotine, drugs.
  6. The deterioration of blood vessels.
  7. Diabetes.
  8. Fatigue.
  9. Stress, depression, other psychological reasons.
  10. Insomnia.
  11. Low mobility, leading to disruption of blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  12. Kidney disease, of the genitourinary system.
  13. Sexually transmitted infections and so forth.

If you know the exact cause of reduced libido, you can always find a way to quickly and effectively resolve it by different means and to return sex to its former sharpness.

Ways to improve

Healthy food

Restore sexual function to men of Mature age you can almost always. The main thing – desire and adherence to all recommendations given by the doctor.

In most cases, increase potency in men after 60 involves the use in therapy is not any single procedure, measure of exposure, and the whole complex of effective techniques:

  • The change in diet: inclusion in the diet of a greater number of healthy foods and refraining from food that has a negative impact not only on sexual activity but to health in General.
  • Getting rid of excess weight, quitting Smoking, alcohol, drugs.
  • Good sleep, no stress.
  • Active sports.
  • Regular sex.
  • The use of medications.
  • Treatment of folk remedies.

Compliance with all these regulations and prior consultation with experts who will say what to focus, what to pay more time and how to struggle with erectile dysfunction will enable you to quickly and efficiently return a man's strength.

Statistics shows that the combined treatment is much better and more effective than, for example, receiving only one drug, or diet, or exercise.

Proper nutrition

To restore or strengthen sexual function in old age, to begin therapy should not with medicines and changes in diet. Should be possible to reduce the consumption of foods containing cholesterol, adversely affecting the cardiovascular system, and consequently, potency.

Diet, which is based on minerals and vitamins, not proteins with carbohydrates, will increase the erection. Therefore, men should regularly have the following products:

  1. Green cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower and Kale, broccoli, rutabaga, radishes, Brussels sprouts and Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, etc.).
  2. All kinds of fruit, berries.
  3. Legumes.
  4. Grain.
  5. Cheese.
  6. Sour-milk products.
  7. All types of nuts together with honey and dried fruit.
  8. Fatty sea fish.
  9. Fresh juices, green tea.

Negative impact on recovery of potency after 60 years, we have the following products:

  • pork;
  • sausages;
  • butter;
  • sour cream;
  • cream;
  • eggs;
  • salty meals;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • alcohol;
  • black tea, strong coffee.

Without proper, balanced, healthy diet to enhance libido almost impossible.


An important component of comprehensive treatment for men 60 years of age are physical culture. Moderate physical activity are beneficial to health, reduce cholesterol in the blood, eliminate extra pounds, strengthen erections.


At this age, preference should be given to occupations that do not require large expenditures of power. The most effective and acceptable are:

  1. Kundalini yoga, thanks to which the men returned sexual energy, increased desire. It is important not to overdo it in the beginning. The load should be moderate and increase gradually.
  2. Aerobics, contribute to the normalization of blood circulation throughout the body, including the genital area.
  3. Exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which is a stop urinating when going to the toilet, and alternating tension and relaxation of muscles 40-50 times in one approach in a sitting or standing position. These exercises should be performed three times a day.

Good stimulants improving male power are as follows:

  • morning exercise;
  • walking;
  • swimming.

But it should be a simple exercise classes, with a moderate load, during which definitely need to monitor pulse, blood pressure, monitor the well-being and own feelings. Excessive load will not bring absolutely no benefit. On the contrary, will only worsen the General condition and further reduce sexual function.

Regular sexual life

A huge role in maintaining a high level of erection in adulthood, play a regular intimate relationship. Long, long breaks between making love the stronger sex after 60 years is contraindicated. At their age sex has to be at least once a week.

The woman must do everything to help the partner, as one desires and fantasies of a sexual nature is not enough for strong sexual arousal. Skillful manipulation, tenderness and caress strengthen erections. It is not necessary to hide their shortcomings and to be silent in such a situation – it will only worsen the situation. You need to look for the causes of the reduced potency and to deal with them, eliminate them in all possible ways.


The fight against erectile dysfunction and decreased libido is virtually impossible without drugs. However, their use must be agreed with a specialist to avoid unwanted consequences and reactions to certain drugs.

In such situations, as a rule, doctors prescribe drugs:

  1. Widen blood vessels that lead to normal metabolism, improve the production of enzymes and hormones.
  2. Which has minerals, vitamins, biologically active components to stimulate metabolic processes.
  3. Improves the endocrine system.
  4. Inhibiting phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5), used directly before an intimate relationship. For older men their recommended dosage – 5 mg – less than half for young, not more than once per day.
  5. Hormonal (pills, creams, gels, plasters and so on), normalizing sexual activity.
  6. Antidepressants.

It is also possible to use other medicines. It all depends on the reasons for the decline in sexual function, health of the patient, the existence of certain diseases. Treatment for each physician individually.

Therapy is most often carried out at home. Thus men need to understand that drugs have contraindications and improper application can lead to complications and negative consequences, the difficulty of treatment. Therefore, you must strictly follow the recommendations given by the specialist.

Treatment of folk remedies

Special attention when restoring sexual function in men doctors pay folk medicine – herbal medicinal products, not synthetic products. Of course, their action is slower, but the effect is much better and longer.

Virtually every medication that is presented in the form of tinctures, plant extracts, you can buy in the pharmacy, ready-to-use.

The most popular folk remedies for libido enhancement:

  • Alcohol tincture of ginseng, promotes normalization of metabolic processes, hormones, men feel a surge of strength, energy, a desire in relation to women, they become hardier.
  • Seeds planting cannabis that increase testosterone in blood and the number of germ cells (sperm).
  • The seeds of asparagus and the European dodder designed to deal with impotence and increases the arousal of the elderly.
  • Ambrosia – unprocessed plant pollen, gives energy, vigor, stamina men. It can help prolong sex.
  • A decoction of germander ordinary, which is aimed at strengthening the erection within hour after intake and to fight impotence.
  • Alcoholate of the jet male musk deer – a product that stimulates the sexual system. The effect after using it felt really fast.

To improve or restore the potency can also following foods:

  1. Walnuts.
  2. Dried fruits, especially prunes.
  3. Med.
  4. Garlic.
  5. Bow.

To enhance the effect, you can mix the figs, prunes, poppy seeds, walnuts and grains sesame seeds and mince. This mixture taken daily inside a tablespoon three times a day.

Only a comprehensive treatment, avoiding harmful habits and observance of all recommendations of doctors will allow men over 60 years to restore erections again and feel confident in bed.