Exercises to increase potency at home

Good potency is a sign of male power, directly affect the sense of self-confidence and, as a consequence, life success. But not every modern man are happy with your intimate health and sexual opportunities, because a bad environment and other unfavorable factors bring about changes in the biological processes of the human body. To help in this case will come the miraculous exercises that increase the potency.

Who shows exercises that increase the potency

Increased potency

It is no exaggeration to say that exercises to increase potency will be useful in the Arsenal of men of any age and lifestyle. Help a set of exercises with the following common problems:

  • impotence and other diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • decreased sex drive (libido);
  • premature ejaculation;
  • low stamina during sex.

Often the above problems caused by the poor circulation caused by inactivity and the constant sitting at the computer. In such circumstances, any physical activity will have a noticeable help.

If problems with potency caused by constant stress and nervous exhaustion, and here is where physical exercise will come in handy. During and immediately after moderate physical activity in the body, actively produced the notorious hormone serotonin, which helps to deal with stress and eliminating its effects.

IMPORTANT! If difficulty with potency were the result of ingestion of certain medicines, exercise can be ineffective. In this case it is better to discuss the issue with your doctor.


Contraindications to exercise are:

  • urinary infection in the acute stage;
  • SARS and other conditions associated with fever and fever;
  • cancer.

With caution to complete the exercises have to men suffering from severe cardiovascular diseases. In this case, to increase the load need very smoothly.

The rules and characteristics of performing a range of exercises to improve potency

The problem

The main muscle, which directed the action of the complex of exercises – pubococcygeus (PC). It is responsible for the potency and sexual health. When this muscle is strong and well trained, problems with the prostate gland and urination does not occur, and the orgasms become more intense. Besides, this muscle maintains the correct position of the pelvic organs, preventing their prolapse. This sexy muscle actively involved in the development processes in the body of male hormones.

Before you start training, you need to find the muscle. To feel the pubic-coccygeal muscle is easiest during urination. The man has two fingers on the area between the testicles and the anus, and for three to five seconds to suspend the process of urination tension the muscles sexual health. Under your fingers tense muscle is clearly felt.

Another way to feel the pubic-coccygeal muscle shake gently in erect state penis. At this point, the man also clearly feel the desired muscle.

Highlights training the PC muscle:

  • the essence of the training of this muscle lies in its alternating tension and relaxation;
  • can do the exercises sitting down, but the maximum efficiency will bring fulfillment in the standing or lying position;
  • to muscle faster and more effectively strengthened, to do some exercises needed for full exhalation and holding the breath;
  • breath when you exercise is through the nose and exhale – through the mouth;
  • to increase the load must gradually;
  • you should train on an empty stomach, after at least two hours after a meal.

The release of oxygen from the lungs and holding the breath during the execution of certain exercises is necessary for better enrichment of the body easily digestible oxygen. At the time of breath-holding in phase full exhalation in the body strongly accumulates carbon dioxide, which in the subsequent breath is actively replaced by oxygen. That is, the more in the body of carbon dioxide, the more he will get of oxygen. This exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen helps to strengthen the PC muscle much faster.

IMPORTANT! In the days of exercise to drink more clean fresh water (2.5 liters).

During the time of the exercises to drink water is not necessary, and should not be drunk immediately after the end of the home workout. It makes sense to wait a half hour before to quench the resulting thirst, to avoid unnecessary strain on the heart.

The complex of restorative exercise

Complex to improve the potency and consists of two parts – the restorative exercise and the workout of the pubic-coccygeal muscles. Restorative exercises are designed to establish a common blood circulation in the body and improve muscle tone and endurance. Restorative exercise is a good warm up the body. The complex consists of sit-UPS, rotations of the pelvis, walking, simulate running, and also exercise called "ARKA".



Familiar exercise in this complex is run a little differently. The legs are a little apart, just removing socks feet out, to reduce the load on knee joints. During squats it is necessary to strain muscles of the buttocks and move the weight back, as if wanting to sit in the chair. In the lower position necessary to stay on for two or three seconds and then slowly return to the starting position. Just one approach of 15-30 reps.

The rotation of the pelvis

A simple exercise from the curriculum, improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Feet apart on shoulder width, hands on waist. Are 30-40 rotations of the pelvis in each direction.

Running or walking in place

If you have the opportunity to walk in the Park or jog, that's great! But if this is not possible, in the home can use the alternative – walking or Jogging on the spot. The legs can be raised high as when running that the thigh is parallel to the floor, and very slightly, mimicking the usual leisurely walk. During arm exercises also make active movement. Walking in place for five to seven minutes will be enough.

IMPORTANT! If desired and appropriate neighbors to replace this exercise by jumping rope.

Advanced arch, or bridge

The man falls to the floor on your back with legs bent and arms extended out at the sides (at an angle of 45 degrees to the body). Must be off the floor and lift your hips while resting your palms and heels into the floor and as much as possible squeezing the buttocks. To stay in this position for half a minute, and then return to its original position. With each training day retention time of the hips at the highest point should be increased to 10-15 seconds, gradually bringing it up to two minutes. One workout is enough to make the exercise three to five times.

The complex of exercises for strengthening the pubic-coccygeal muscles


This workout is to alternate tension and relaxation of the sexual muscles. In addition to developing strength and muscle tone and improve the potency, the suggested exercises are performed regularly:

  • stimulate the release of blood of male hormones;
  • eliminate premature ejaculation;
  • greatly enhance pleasurable sensations during orgasm;
  • improve the quality of sperm and mobility of sperm, increasing the likelihood of successful conception;
  • enriched with oxygen the organs of small pelvis;
  • develop immunity against urinary infections;
  • protect against of impotence and other abnormalities in the genitourinary system;
  • is an excellent prevention of prostate cancer and pelvic.

Training and strengthening most of the PC muscles to start with the simplest exercises, increasing the load gradually. So, in the first two or three days is enough during each urination delayed for a few seconds the urine stream by the tension of the corresponding muscles. The muscles of the thighs, buttocks, abdomen in this case it is advisable not to strain, though it is at first difficult. Compression and muscle tension during each trip to the toilet is three or four times. Then you can move to the full exercises.

IMPORTANT! Too zealous during exercise is not necessary. An excessive number of repetitions or too much compression can lead to overtraining the PC muscle and circulatory problems.

ExerciseTechniqueThe number of repetitions and approaches
Warm-upTo perform lying down, standing or sitting. Compress and unclench the PC muscle, counting from 1 to 60. Compress and unclench a muscle needs time for one second. This means, one approach of the 60 contractions of the muscles will take exactly one minute. Then 20 seconds restThree sets of 60 grips. Rest between sets 20 seconds
FlashingTo perform lying down, standing or sitting. Inhale through nose, exhale sharply mouth, holding the breath squeeze the PC muscle together with the facial muscles. To stay in this state for ten seconds, then relax for ten seconds, inhale and repeat the exercise from the beginningDo three sets of ten repetitions. Between sets rest for one minute
LiftExercise can be done lying down, standing, sitting. You need to count from 1 to 8. On one the PC muscle you need to compress slightly and hold in this position for five seconds, at the expense of "two" – a little harder to squeeze and hold for another five seconds, on the count of "three" is even stronger and also to keep. The account "eight" PC muscle needs to be compressed maximally. Holding it in this state for 10 seconds, start moving the Elevator down seven – slightly unclench the muscle and hold for five seconds, six – still a bit to ease the tension in the muscle and hold for five seconds, and so on to "one" when the muscle is completely relaxed. Breathing calmly, without delayTwo sets of five repetitions. Rest between sets is a minute or two
LadderPerformed in standing, lying or sitting. Technique is the same as in the exercise "lift", but on floors to stay on for five seconds do not need, nor do you need to hold the muscle in a state of maximum tension for 10 seconds. Breathing calmly, without delayRepeat the exercise ten times in a row without rest

To perform exercises to increase potency need on a daily basis for at least one month. Further, it is possible to shorten the classes to two or three a week.

Integrated approach: the rejection of bad habits, proper nutrition, regular sex

It is difficult to maintain the potency at a high level, if to daily stress connected with alcohol abuse, immoderate Smoking or even the reception of light and drugs. Therefore, despite the fact that advice about the need to abandon bad habits already rather stuffed on edge all, another reminder of this truism will not be superfluous. Suffice it to say that:

  • Smoking, the regular causes spasm of blood vessels, hampers blood circulation and nutrition of tissues of the male genital organs;
  • the use of alcohol over time leads to a decrease in sexual desire due to the suppression of testosterone production and to significant deterioration in the quality (and, incidentally, taste) of sperm;
  • even the most "light" drugs – a direct path to hormonal disorders, and therefore to erectile dysfunction.

If a man is serious, the build will have food, abandoning fast food, richly flavored with various chemicals. Even partial replacement of such foods, vegetables and fruits will lead to positive changes in the body, including improving sexual function.

But there are a few time tested products that have a positive effect on potency. Among them:

  • coffee (not more than three cups a day);
  • walnuts and hazelnuts;
  • seafood;
  • chicken eggs and quail;
  • honey;
  • lean meat and fish;
  • ginger root;
  • celery;
  • carrots;
  • bananas;
  • dates;
  • bran, rye bread with bran.

Due to the large number of minerals and vitamins contained in these products, they have earned the reputation of aphrodisiac enhancing arousal and invigorating. Daily inclusion of these products in the diet will make the effect of the physical classes even more pronounced.

To strengthen virility help and wisdom of folk medicine. Diet – a decoction of chicory root. There is no magic. Positive effect on male sexual sphere, is attributed to the high content of vitamins A, B and C, valuable plant acids and trace elements.

The recipe is simple: a tablespoon of dried minced root pour a glass of hot water and boil on low heat for five to seven minutes. Cooled broth strain and take a tablespoon twice a day an hour before meals. The course of the week.

IMPORTANT! The use of this prescription is prohibited when the tendency to allergic reactions.

In addition to exercise and nutrition, it is also important to maintain a regular sex life, which should not be long breaks, and exhausting sexual marathons. Moderation is good here.

Regular exercises, especially in combination with the use of wholesome food and care for their health will allow not only to improve potency and prevent any disease of the pelvic organs, but also to stay active and successful in intimate and other areas of life for years to come.