How to increase, improve male potency natural ways

Although some women who are prone to frigidity, also interested in various methods. There are a number of methods that help with potency. Moreover, there is no need to resort to pharmacy medication.

how to increase the potency


Many couples interested in how to enhance the strength of men the natural ways. If there is such a problem, you just need to follow some simple rules that will help to solve it.

First, it is recommended to engage in regular sex life. This rule is one of the most important. Need to strictly follow the activity of the sexual life, if the problems begin. It is very important to reproductive organs has always had a sufficient amount of training, not only takes into account their duration but also the frequency. Like every muscle and organ, reproductive system required for certain loads. Improvement of potency depends on regular sex. Besides intercourse will help to improve the quality of semen which is produced in the body. A quantitative parameter is also a concern.

Second, raising the potency depends on the condition of the reproductive system. Other systems in the body also affect this, so be sure you not only try to cure all diseases or control them, but also to implement preventive measures that will help prevent further development of various diseases. Especially important in the prevention of diseases that are transmitted sexually. Need to diagnose from a doctor. Very often a venereal disease develops little or no symptoms in the early stages. But in the later stages to treat them already will be much harder. Definitely need to be tested to check the condition of the body. Since most men do not adhere to this rule, the disease can easily develop without any difficulties and obstacles. This means that in the future will be amazed by not only the reproductive system but also other systems that provide livelihoods.

Third, you need to reduce the amount of alcoholic drinks that drinks people if you want to improve male potency. And then it is better to refuse from alcohol because they will only aggravate the situation. A reasonable rule about alcohol: the less it is used the better for potency, and for the whole body. This is because the alcohol burn all the nutrients in the human body, so that in the future not just deteriorates potency, but also weakens the immune system. This leads to the fact that all the organs, including the reproductive system, may suffer from various diseases that will only worsen the situation with potency. Of course, some believe that a glass of champagne or wine is a good incentive to sexual activity, but if there are problems potency in men, something about alcohol is to forget. In some diseases, alcoholic drinks generally contraindicated. For example, it relates to prostatitis. Besides, do not trust your own potency too questionable stimulants, which include alcohol. It is better to exclude it from the diet.

The weight of a person

Some men are wondering how to raise the potency. In this issue you need to pay attention to the weight of a person. Definitely need to try to bring their own weight to normal. Will have to get rid of excess pounds, but this will help sport exercises and diet. Very often the reason for the weakening of potency lies precisely in the fact that people tend to overweight, much weight in a short period of time. This may be due to constant stress, improper diet and daily routine, sedentary lifestyle and low activity.

In addition, some diseases also trigger obesity. Definitely need to train yourself to morning exercises. Three times a week you need to exercise for several hours. Fit swimming, fitness, running and any other activities. Very useful for weight loss and health classes in gyms. Besides we developed special exercises which increase the potency. They are not too hard and not take much time so that they can perform each morning as a Supplement to the morning exercises. In addition, lose weight diet. Do not get involved in short diets. They only undermine health, but do not improve the situation in their sexual life. Better to just establish the diet. Your regular smaller meals — you can eat often but in small portions. Besides, it is not necessary to introduce too many restrictions. Otherwise, the emotional state worsens, and it will not affect potency in men.

Here comes another rule — you should try to get rid of the bouts of nervousness every day. Also depends on this activity sexually. Need to tame your worry habit. Especially harmful worrying constantly for minor reasons that do not depend on the person. This only worsens health. To be less irritable and nervous, you need not only to abstract from persistent problems and make them more tight, but also to learn to relax.

Such emotional swings burn all the energy of the body, so that sexual activity has nothing left. To deal with nervousness, you need to frequently walk in the fresh air, exercise, choose a hobby for the soul, to swim, to engage in a pleasant chores, do shopping, travel and more. And definitely need to get some sleep. Good sleep not only will give your body a rest and gain strength, he will be able to increase the potency. Restoration plays a very important role. You need to sleep at least 6 hours a day. Although ideally, of course, it should be 8 hours.


Increased potency can be achieved with the help of specially developed for this exercise. Physiotherapy involves the pubic muscle groups. These muscles have an effect on the erection quality, duration, and severity. So the better developed muscles in these areas, the better the erection. Once a day is useful to engage in such gymnastics.

The first exercise reminds of the need to hold the stone. You need to get up and put hands on hips, while bending your knees. Then you need to try to bend my knees even more, while simultaneously tensing and relaxing your gluteal muscle. Prohibited completely straighten the legs. You need to imagine that between your legs lies the stone.

potency in men

Another exercise to strengthen the potency, as follows: you need to stand still, and his hands drop down. Now we should try to raise the legs as high as possible. It is best to touch the knees to the stomach. The step will be similar to the front.

Increase male power through movement, which is called the bridge. The man should lie on his back. Knees should be in bent condition. The hands placed near the body. During this task, one should try to raise above the pelvis, and then return to its original position.

To increase potency, you can use another exercise. Need in lying supine position with relaxed arms to do the following: legs rise a little. They do rotational movements, which resemble Cycling. Sometimes you can do acceleration.

Proper nutrition

Before thinking about how to improve the potency with pharmaceutical drugs, just to try to resolve this issue with some foods. For example, everyone knows that seafood is a powerful aphrodisiac, so before intercourse can offer a man is not a meat, which in the stomach feel the weight, and fish or seafood. Their main component is selenium and zinc. It is these trace elements and are responsible for the improvement in erection. Moreover, it turns out that improve the testosterone production helps fatty fish.

To increase potency will help a variety of spices and seasonings. For example, you can add in different dishes cinnamon, vanilla, curry, etc. The most common ingredient to improve erection is the parsley, what many men know. This product stabilizes a hormonal background. The active substance in parsley reduce the production of female hormones, which in turn leads to increased production of testosterone. Moreover, parsley is the best preventive remedy for prostatitis. Onions and garlic also need to add to various dishes. They improve blood circulation, increase the intensity of testosterone (their composition is also selenium), and are natural antibiotics, so onions and garlic — a good prevention of various diseases, including organs of the genitourinary system.

Very useful to have chocolate.

It is a well-known aphrodisiac. But the chocolate must contain not less than 65% cocoa. Chocolate not only improves mood and enhances potency. Especially useful chocolate with nuts. It is best to choose almonds, walnuts or pistachios.

Food should not be too intense before sexual intercourse. Products should be light — fish, salads, vegetables and fruit. Suitable fermented food products. As for medicinal plants that will help solve the problem of potency, it is a dandelion, anise, St. John's wort, thyme, tarragon, lemongrass. It is very helpful to eat honey, especially melted on a steam bath. By the way honey can be used as appliqués on the genitals.

The psychological factor

The question of potency is very important for many men. Problems in sexual terms sometimes bring the man to nervousness, irritability, or, conversely, apathy. Do not despair and immediately resort to medication. First you need to find out the reasons for this state of the body. Maybe the problem is in the psychological sense, or have health issues of various organs. In any case, it is first necessary to cure the body.

Perhaps the problem is an erection, too, will disappear with the recovery. If the question is how to improve the potency, remained, it is possible to resort to other methods. It is very important to follow the diet. There are many food aphrodisiacs that will help with sexual intercourse so that the chemical drugs do not need. You also need to exercise and perform every day exercises. In addition, folk medicine also has a number of recipes that will help in the solution of the male question.