Increased potency: the products of male power

Questions regarding how to increase male potency often of concern not only representatives of a strong half of mankind. Sometimes, not seriously care about these issues of women living in marriage with your beloved, but not too active in sex husband. And if someone seems that the term potency means the sudden transformation of the specific men of a certain intimate of Superman – we immediately note that this is absolutely not true!

Although, of course, the implementation of specific measures for enhancing male potency some "victory sex" definitely will become more frequent, despite the fact that this question always has a reverse side. Because not all the measures taken by men to enhance potency can be equally safe for men's health in General.

increased potency

Perhaps, before thinking about the increased potency of some chemicals, it is more logical to think of products that are safer manner can significantly increase the potency. However, many representatives of the strong half of humanity, in the care of their own male power, long-term preservation ability of the organism to conduct sexual intercourse are ready to resort to the use of various popular or drugs.

Someone drink some extracts of medicinal herbs, someone more like are diet Supplement, someone may even require medications. We offer our our readers to understand the essence of male potency and to reconsider its attitude to some undeservedly forgotten food that can markedly amplify the potency.

What is the essence of male potency?

For anybody not a secret that sexual potency doctors used to call a specific ability of a male organism to physiologically normal sex act. Note that in modern sexology the term potency can be attributed only to the male sexual power as a woman in Priore retains the ability to conduct intercourse until old age.

In fact, thus, it is potency can determine the sexual functionality of a particular men, and to some extent it can be characterized by the tension of the male penis, the speed with which you receive a erection, the actual length of sexual intercourse, and the normal flow itself.

In a broader sense we can say that potency is the possibility to conduct physiologically normal, healthy sexual life of a specific man. However, the potency of men is categorically unacceptable to identify with a certain constantly practiced this man maintained the rhythm of sexual life because sexual performance different men may simply not be correlated with the desired frequency of the ongoing sex acts.

In addition, the potency is unacceptable to identify with a specific intensity of sexual desire as such, in certain forms of pathological erectile dysfunction may not only weaken, but exactly the opposite, could significantly worsen for some time.

As we have said in relation to the woman the concept of "potency" in medicine is almost not used because its definition in principle may not have unambiguous wording.

It is important to understand that any healthy man can usually maintain the ability to conduct full sexual intercourse throughout the life, more unlike female menopause, male menopause is usually exclusively pathological reasons. That can lead to the decline and loss of male potency?

products increase the potency

First of all:

  • Systematic or completely uncontrolled use of steroid anabolics, which is often practiced in bodybuilding.
  • The use of some narcotic substance during lifetime.
  • Some chronic disease.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits, passive behavior and lack of physical activity.
  • Not proper nutrition.

In this specific persistent inability of men to commit full sexual intercourse may be seen as a clear sign of some form of impotence. Of course, only a impotence diet cure is impossible, but in the absence of specific men of certain diseases, leading to reduced potency, erectile to adjust the function with the right foods, of course, possible.

Before we can examine issues relating to increase potency...

Once again note that the potency can be considered the actual capacity of the men directly in his life is to say, the possibility of men and as an intellectual, physical and even spiritual. Psychologists argue that potency can actually determine all the achievements of particular men as in material, social and other spheres of life.

Fortunately, nature has been able to ensure that it is from these potentially healthy men was the greatest number of perfectly healthy offspring able to inherit such a high potential. Probably why even most women absolutely unconscious that is usually drawn to this type of potentially strong men.

However, to our regret, in the case of male impotence, things are not as optimistic as many would like. Modern statistics gives absolutely inexorable numbers, proving that more than 30% compared to young or Mature male population at least once in your life faced with various forms of erectile dysfunction that actually is considered a direct indicator of the subsequent problems with a healthy potency.

Recent medical studies show that men with some form of erectile dysfunction significantly increased the likelihood of developing problems related to health of blood vessels, which ultimately may lead to myocardial infarction or cerebral stroke.

Unfortunately, in our country, conventional medicine continues to deal only with treatment of specific diseases and practically it is not possible to deal with the immediate strengthening of men's, and women's health. This means that about strengthening the overall health, as well as the strengthening of men's health in particular you can think independently.

potency in men

However, our reader must understand that we definitely do not encourage, in all cases, without exception, to abandon the traditional medical attention, since the development of certain diseases such help may be badly needed. We say only that under the condition of apparent absolute health men, it is important not to forget about the correctness of their way of life of the adequacy of nutrition, etc.

It should always be remembered that the real reserves of our health, our potential, though amazing, n is not infinite and so man's health and the health in General, it is important to maintain. And to not support some specific drugs, and eating the right foods.

How to increase using the right products, male potency?

So, before thinking about the reception of those or other drugs to increase potency is important to remember that actually, in nature there is much more simple, more enjoyable, more accessible and generally more acceptable method to preserve or enhance the physiological abilities of men.

Of course we are talking about the daily consumption of special and useful for potency foods that will not only improve potency, but will also strengthen your overall health. Because the products of several increase male potency, in reality, can not only significantly increase the male libido or exacerbate sexual-erotic sensitivity. These products are able to significantly improve the overall sexual activity, increased potency and even provide the man a rejuvenating effect, literally, on his entire body.

In this case, we offer details take a look at the seemingly familiar to all of us, but actually incredibly efficient products that can significantly enhance male potency. You have to understand that the basis of similar products, can make food of plant origin. Such products include:

  • Various kinds of nuts.
  • Like fresh fruit and dried fruits – many citrus and berries.
  • Various kinds of vegetables, and moreover any herbs, numerous spices, herbs and fragrant roots.

But the palm among the products that really can greatly enhance male potency, belongs to the quail and chicken eggs, walnuts, fruit, sesame seeds, beans, pumpkin seeds and all varieties of onions.

Incidentally, leeks, onions, thin green onions, in reality, help to normalize and even to restore the so-called hormonal balance in the male body. These products the most beneficial are able to influence the strengthening and normalization of potency, significantly increasing male stamina.

It is impossible not to pay attention to such foods, increasing male potency, like fresh oranges or lemons, pomegranate, figs, purslane, cumin, seasoning such as savory, tarragon seeds or fruits vegetable turnip. Perfectly cope with the task of increasing the potency of the mushrooms, the usual rye bread, which certainly needs to be regularly included in the diet everyday male power, to maintain overall health and to strengthen the stability of male sexual functions.

Incredible effect in this context, of course and have such foods significantly increases male potency, as any seafood or dairy products. And all because to increase male sexual activity (as well as male potency) it would be difficult to overestimate the real value of the complete protein foods, which include squid, mussels, any fish, shrimp, lobsters, etc.

Probably that is why doctors around the world recommend men for all of life to eat enough meat large or small cattle and of course poultry or fish. Will greatly enhance the potency of any other protein dishes, sour cream, cottage cheese, the previously mentioned nuts or bean products, etc.

But for any man's sweet tooth excellent restorer of men's strength after an actively spent a sexy night could be the honey, again in combination with protein foods milk, eggs or nuts, maybe with figs or other dried fruits.

food for potency

Of course, those foods that are able to some extent to increase male potency, regularly required to be included in the daily diet of every normal man, who in turn wants little to prolong their sexual youth. However, such aspirations of men it is always important to remember that severe overeating, even useful from the point of view of medicine products absolutely does not contribute to your health and potency.

Moreover, overeating of even the most useful to increase potency products often leads to the opposite effect to curb sexual desire and even reduce the sensibility!