Does Smoking on the potency of men?

What is the impact of Smoking on potency, knows little and teen, novice sexually active, and experienced man. Perhaps this fact is even more of a smoker abstains from increasing your daily dose, than the possibility of stomach cancer or myocardial infarction. This is understandable, because the reproductive function of the man is important not only to maintain normal marital relations, but also for planning a full family with healthy children.

reduced potency

Why Smoking is bad for potency

Harmful tobacco substance, the nicotine does not impact directly on the ability of the penis, so why to normalize sexual life smokers should quit the habit? Potency and libido is the first thing affected by Smoking in men.

At the beginning of the development of nicotine addiction, the blow falls on the vessels which lose their elasticity, firmness, tone and become thinner and weaker. Also on their walls are formed atherosclerotic plaques that prevents normal blood circulation in the vital area. The vessels of the penis in this case is not an exception and also lose their elasticity and the density of even passive Smoking. They are responsible for filling the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood to sustain an erection. Accordingly, the worse the blood circulation in this region, the weaker erection or completely absent.

There is another link Smoking with inhibition of sexual function. Not getting enough nutrition along with the blood, the endocrine system begins to operate in emergency mode, which greatly affects the production of sexual hormones. The less testosterone thrown into the blood, the less a man feels attraction, it weakens sexual desire (libido).

Statistics also draws attention to how often develop impotence from Smoking. According to figures, about 120 thousand men of middle and old age (30-50 years) suffer from this serious disease. While 15% of respondents confidently say that sexual problems appeared on the background of long-term Smoking. Signal about sexual problems can occur from a temporary loss of erection or fainting.

Scientists have shown that the absence or weakness of erection is the first sign of development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, up to a stroke or heart attack. In turn, hypertensive crisis, and heart disease and accelerate the development of impotence, resulting in a vicious circle.

Erectile dysfunction is an important physiological issue that causes active men psychological complexes and insecurities. It primarily affects an intimate relationship with a woman and reduces the chance of conceiving a child, causing a decay of the modern family. A man of certain years should forever realize that the potency and Smoking are incompatible.

What is the impact of tobacco smoke on testosterone production

the effect of Smoking on potency


After the formation of atherosclerotic plaques and attenuation of blood vessels stops normal flow into the organs that produce sex hormones. The production of testosterone decreases first, which affects the male body in various ways.

First and foremost, a low concentration of hormone leads to a decrease in desire (libido), so the man physically does not feel the need for a regular and fulfilling sex life.

The lack of attempts at sexual relations, as well as the weakness of the vessels in the amount of lead to the development of sexual dysfunction and impotence. Scientists have determined that smoking one pack a day increases the risk of developing the disease by 60%. It makes you think that Smoking and impotence concepts, and in most cases come in one "kit".

The low production of testosterone also affects the motility and quality of sperm. That is, the reproductive ability of men Smoking are declining, and, as shown by statistics, the figures are disappointing — 75% of smokers who are not capable of fertilization. Unfortunately, modern young man does not think about the consequence of Smoking for his future family and simply ignores statistical information. But after the first 5 years of constant Smoking, found the first problems with the sperm quality. If time to say goodbye to the bad habit, the body will be able to recover for a few months and give the man the joy of intimacy.

The effect of Smoking on the male body: myths of smokers

Despite the extras prepared by the information and scientific studies, boys and Mature men continue to deny the impact of tobacco on the potency.

Many cite the fact that smoke over the years, but the quality of sex life has not suffered. The doctors refute this myth, as the process of weakening of potency and deterioration of the quality of the sperm is quite long and often not accompanied by characteristic symptoms. The more self-confident man will not pay attention to temporary intimate failures, attributing them to nerves, problems at work, poor nutrition or physical stress in the gym. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction can come quite suddenly and in full, some processes will become irreversible for the smoker.

Another myth from Mature male smokers after quitting tobacco intimate life is not normal. First, Smoking "age" is not the only factor influencing an erection. The use of alcohol, regular stress at work, diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine system, malnutrition and lack of sleep can also cause sexual dysfunction. Second, in addition to physiological and psychological impotence occurs, which may not disappear after the disappearance of harmful factors. The fear of failure, psychological stress, and other systems can push a man even after quitting tobacco, that requires correction at the sexologist and psychotherapist.

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Many patients do not understand how Smoking affects blood pressure and harmful than Smoking male patients with hypertension. Smokers believe that nicotine relieves at elevated pressure (this is due to a spasm of blood vessels). Unfortunately, doctors have found a correlation hypertension smoker and its potency. With increasing pressure and subsequent Smoking, the blood circulation becomes chaotic, which is very dangerous for small vessels of the penis. They are beginning to shrink, giving the cavernous bodies fill with blood, and this process lasts at least 7-8 hours. If you suffer from hypertension, but do not want to quit Smoking, try to smoke the last cigarette in 6-8 hours before intimacy, that will help you to maintain erection and to reduce the risk of developing impotence.

The following myth from smokers is a reduction in sexual energy after Smoking menthol cigarettes. Doctors have studied and proved as a whole the negative impact of Smoking on the potency of men, regardless of the types of cigarettes the concentration of nicotine and flavors. Among smokers are of the opinion that such a component as the menthol may enhance this effect, but it is not. On the contrary, scientists have found that natural vegetable components causes the blood vessels in tone and promote normal blood circulation, which in turn improves sexual activity. Menthol also calms the nervous system, rids the body of stress and muscle spasms, which reduces the chance of intimate a "failure". Causes of sexual problems should be sought in the nicotine, tobacco, resins and other harmful compounds and not natural aromatic additives (if they are indeed genuine). And if we are talking about the effects of herbs on male power, it is not recommended to turn off in home edition cigarettes oregano. This plant really affects the erection.

Nicotine and potency are interrelated, therefore, the first issues of a sexual nature should be commensurate with the frequency and duration of Smoking. And remember that the restoration of sexual function is possible. The sooner you give up cigarettes, the more likely a full recovery (even if it is about the impotence).