How really to increase your member: the best means and ways of lengthening the penis at home

They resemble spam: they are constantly asked to buy stuff and increase penis.

And really, how realistic is it to please the second half is more impressive tool?

how to increase the member

Discuss the best way to increase your member with you in the article.

Normal penis size

For anybody not a secret that the majority of men watching porn and comparing their "dignity" with units of local actors remain disappointed.

However, it is no secret that in a movie of this genre a priori selected men with outstanding size, which statistically a very small percentage. The doctors say that the average size of a man's penis is 10-15 cm in the excited state.

If you happened to see in the locker room a beaut, it is unlikely that during erection it will be much more, and Vice versa – a seemingly small penis in a state of excitement may be much greater.

If a man continues to have a complex because of insufficient, in his opinion, the length really normal size, then he probably ought to see a psychiatrist, not a surgeon.

According to one study, the majority of men who underwent surgery to increase the member suffers from mental disorders, such diagnoses are very thin girls. In this case, after the operation of their dissatisfaction is not going away.

Before you learn how to really increase penis talk about size enlargement.

How much you can increase?

Before considering specific ways you can really increase the member, should clarify a couple of details:

  1. Maximum real result of all of the ways – increase from 2 to 5 centimeters.
  2. Surgical methods all over the world are considered experimental, and if you agree to such an operation, do it at your own risk.

If increase penis twice manufacturers promise the next miracle ointments, as a rule, you at least will not cause harm to themselves, but if you hear this information from a plastic surgeon, it is better not to settle, as tempting as that may sound.

Well, they are ready to hear what the most effective means for penis enlargement?

10 ways to penis enlargement

In this section we will consider how to increase the member without surgery, and also talk about the surgical methods.


Although massage is one of the oldest methods of increasing the supporters of this method is clearly smaller than its various advertising: articles and video courses to tuition fees.

The real way to increase penis lies in the fact that you are a few months doing special exercises.

Thus pulling the penis by hand from 30 minutes to an hour every day for several months, thus not interrupting the orgasm.

If you feel the approaching point, just stop and start again after returning to the normal state. The method is based on the fact that the erectile tissues fill with blood and therefore increase.

However, the best possible result – increase of 1 cm. The same result can bring a regular sex. Promise more – do not believe.

This is probably not the best way to increase a member. Do you agree with us?


Perhaps the best way of penis enlargement. Of course, the manufacturers have created a device that automates this process. Extenders for penis enlargement, if you believe the advertising, extend and even curvature of the penis.

For the year promise lengthening to 7 cm, the real maximum result plus 4 inches. The principle of the "miracle of technology" in stretching the penis with the power of 200-1100 grams. It stimulates the formation and growth of additional tissue due to stretching the cavernous bodies.

Wear this unit 3-12 hours every day for at least six months.

Time can be split up in order to blood flow time to recover, and you have not received a great, but absolutely useless non-functioning organ.

Differ between extenders, usually by way of attachment of the head: loop somewhat dangerous, better choose a model with a soft silicone band.


The device is convenient because of its invisibility to others, so you can wear it even in public places, however, there were cases when the machine is clutched cock, rubbed it or irritated, hurt.

In addition, please notethat in most models used the metal so that it is not necessary to wear the extender if you are going to pass through a metal detector, for example, at the airport.

Not recommended to use this method men under the age of 19, and without consulting a doctor-andrologist.

After surgery to increase the member wearing the extender definitely.

The weights

Wheel weights – this is the real way to increase a member, but to call it efficient in terms of future use hard.

Was this method from one of African tribes. Everything is quite simple: the penis is hung the loadthat it stretches. The result using this method the men of the tribe received units incredible lengths, which are carried in special bags.

Of course, the function remained only ceremonial, the children of these men was not supposed to.

The demographic problem of this practice is not caused solely because used only by the units selected men.

Designs weight there are a great many more instructions to make them.

The problem is that doctors in one voice say about the insecurity of the method, you can certainly refer to the Internet sites and forums, but on your own risk.

At the moment the most effective method of penis enlargement is the extender, let's see what else is out there?


If the extender is some kind of result can bring, is related to trust contraception just does not. Pills can increase a member for a short time, after which it will return to its previous state.

The situation is somewhat different with growth hormones: independently taking them, you risk not only not to increase the manhood, and and to functional failure of internal organs.

It should be noted that in athletes taking anabolic steroids, often there is a decrease in the penis. If the person on the current underdevelopment of the penis for hormonal reasons, the doctor can prescribe the appropriate injection.

More important is for boys to adolescence.

The average size of a penis 10-year-old child is 3-4 cm, if boy's penis is not developed as soon as possible to consult a specialist.

At an early age, hormonal correction has a major effect.

So, medications are the most effective means for penis enlargement? No, definitely not.


The penis does not exist separately from the whole organism, and special ligaments attached to the pubic bone. In conjunction, there is virtually no blood vessels and nerves, and functional load is not particularly responsible.

So, is the operation in which the conjunction is suppressed, and a member, in simple terms, untied. Doctors certify that the risk is no more than any plastic surgery: penis will not disappear and will not cease to perform its functions.

After surgery, the client wears a special device that pulls it. The increase in size is not due to the stretching member, and the pulling out of reserves.

special devices to increase

In most cases, the penis is lengthened by 3 cm, however, there are instances when they could reach 5 cm, which is a considerable improvement. It should be noted that the diameter of the member remains the same.

Therefore, mobilization is the real way to increase a member.



Of course, the idea to increase the penis through something dense and elastic does not remain a mere idea. Only material not vaseline, and a special gel, which is known under the name silicone.

The material is free of the disadvantages of the lipid filler, but there are new: not fixed silicone accumulates in the head, turning the penis into a kind of Mace.

One could say that the problem is purely aesthetic, but in addition observed an uncovered head with possible consequences in the form of inflammation and phimosis. So to increase the head this method is not very suitable.

For those who want to increase penis there is no such method, as plastic is actually pumping penis fat tissues to his owner. Fat is taken from the place where it is enough, processed, and transferred into manhood.

Next, the fat is distributed around the member, and for some time to apply the plaster to lock in the desired shape.

The results are impressive, but not for long. Happiness from this upgrade ends in about 10 days.

The fact that adipose tissue without makeup resolve, and in half of the cases, all the positive changes disappear, as payment for the transaction.

Therefore, applying this plastic, this is not to say that it is the most effective method of penis enlargement.


The material is similar to silicone, but with greater density and plasticity "molded" on the genitals and is distributed on the surface.

The advantages are the same as in the gel.

The problem is that material can be brittle, then the potential for serious pain and injury.

Thus, the silicone polymers are real methods of increase of a member, but not the best.

The introduction of leather materials

Take the skin part of the body and implanted under the skin of the penis. Own skin is not susceptible to resorption, gathering and other shortcomings of previous materials.

There are several basic variations, different method of attachment and type of the skin. Depending on that varies the durability and efficiency of operations. The effect can reach 3 cm diameter.

This is probably the best way to enlarge the penis, which is achieved surgically. However, before the operation, should consider whether it is necessary for you.


In our opinion, the most effective way to increase a member is a pump.

It is worth remembering the classic devices by means of a vacuum.

The process is simple: insert penis in a cylinder, turn on the device, after which the suction of air will cause the blood flow to the tissues, increases your erection and increasing size. Then the penis ring clamped to prevent outflow of blood.

In this state, the member can keep no more than half an hour, after which it may occur serious medical problems.

Traditional methods

As set out above of the popular ways to increase a member, it is worth noting the extension of the erection.

Method of application of chemicals, herbs or mechanical effects erection maintain for a period of more than an hour.

In this way it is possible to achieve a small effect, but do not practice it far from medical institutions that may have unforeseen consequences.

On this date, all real methods of penis enlargement. And you decide what is best for penis enlargement, you may use a special nozzle that increases the penis.

What's not helping?

Let us further consider effective methods of penis enlargement.

  1. Auditory training and other psychological techniques are unlikely to bring the desired result (unless of course you have not attained enlightenment), however, and will not harm your manhood. However, the same cannot be said about the psyche.
  2. Masturbation, according to some, contributes to the development of the muscles responsible for erection, removal of toxins and even improve General immunity, however, the size of the penis thus to have influence, unfortunately, is impossible.

Foreign materials

This method would be an anecdote if it had not been seriously common. This technique of "pumping" your Assembly materials from vaseline to more solid balls, polished toothbrushes, jewelry and other everyday items.

If you begin a familiarity with agile methodologies in the company of men, then certainly the culmination has been observed in doctors ' offices.

Effects can mostly be eliminated, but usually only by surgery, and some problems may remain for a lifetime.

penis enlargement.

Better to abandon this method.

Actually quite normal in size penis can just "hide in the fat folds. And not about penis enlargement, how to replace parts of a car or PC, still it is one of the most sensitive and delicate organs of the body.

Few people want to get a huge Assembly of porn, but devoid of sensitivity, or even efficiency.

So think thrice before how really to increase your member. Maybe you need to look for effective ways of penis enlargement, and to remove their own systems?