Penile enlargement: when you need surgery?

The size of the penis and the possibility of increases is the most frequently discussed male subject, from which is born the most complexes. At all times men bothered by this problem. They sought the help of doctors and healers, who are often maimed men.

how to increase the member

Since early childhood, and at puberty boys are curious about how the thickness and length of penis. Penis for every representative of the stronger the way is a real man's pride and one of the main parts of the body. However, many men tend to underestimate her boyfriend, believing that he should be more impressive dimensions. The pour oil on the fire and partner, inadvertently poking fun at the size of the penis, and expressing his wishes in terms of length.

In the future man surrounds more and more complexes, that black bar go through his entire sex life. Studies show that a majority of the representatives Express doubts about their sexual abilities, citing the modest size of the penis.

How to fix the situation and make a lack of dignity?

A bit of history

Studying the history of humanity, acquainted with the culture, traditions and national customs, it becomes clear attention to the issue of the size of manhood. In the 16th century concern in this matter was reflected in the works of famous scientists.

Thus, the Italian physician who first described the structure of the fallopian tubes in women, paid great attention to penis enlargement. He strongly disseminated the view that the length of the penis is of enormous importance to the future of man. Therefore since the childhood parents put the boys small pebbles under the foreskin in the hope that this will help delay the member in length. But such techniques are nothing but infection and infection does not.

A relaxed penis, or the penis beyond erection: what is the norm?

Length of penis in relaxed state average is 12 cm and its thickness reaches 2.5-3 cm. when you consider that average is a relative concept, it is possible to say with confidence about the rate of from 5 to 15 cm.

Consider the moments when a member may abruptly become short:

  • The taking a cold shower
  • Fatigue
  • Hypothermia
  • Mental and chronic illness
  • Post

Penis during erection

The excited state of the penis is characterized by its lengthening and thickening. Thus, the length can reach on average 15 cm and a thickness up to 5 cm it Should be noted that 90% of men get during erection advanced 3-5 cm, so the member can reach up to 18 cm in length. However, the case and the sexy giants that grow to 23-26 inches. The largest male sexual organ, which has been described in the medical literature, has reached 30 cm in length.

The most common myths about penis enlargement

Myth 1. The more penis, the more active sexually

This myth remains only a myth because the direct relationship between the size, sexual desire and activity do not exist. The first priority here is the hereditary factor, the level of hormones in the body, health and prosperous throughout the age of puberty.

Myth 2. The owner of a large penis great lover

Of course, this is another misconception. Having a large manhood is not always a proof of mastery in intimate games. A small penis can bring a woman much more enjoyment with proper use. In addition, the increase penis during erection is weak, which also plays an important role in moments of sex.

Myth 3. The size of the penis can be “calculated” by size of hands, feet or nose

Again, the statement is not true. There is not one part of the body, which would indicate the size of the penis. The relationship between body size and sexual organs, scientists have not proven.

Shape of the penis

The people accepted that men's sexual dignity must be straight. In fact, the perfectly straight shape of the member is quite rare. In some males sexual organ can have a thickening in the middle part, others may die at the end, and the third - in the shape of a sword.

penis enlargement.

Most of the men face the problem of the normal perception of their body since adolescence. Against this background, sold a lot of systems and a lack of confidence in their own body. This difference, however, is quite normal and is comparable to other individual characteristics, such as facial features.

App men's magazines and erotic videos forced representatives of a strong reason to think that this demonstration is ideal and example to follow. But it should be borne in mind that such pictures or stories of the chosen men of model appearance with certain data, including in intimate areas. Moreover, the photographs employed hundreds of experts in the field of photoshop, etc.

Penile enlargement: when you need surgery?

During its consultations, the specialists in most cases, state rather than physiological defects, and psychological. Often proper neat conversation can turn men's thinking in the right direction and get rid of own complexes. But, unfortunately, there are direct indications for penile enlargement.

  1. Medical: small penis syndrome, epispadias, hypospadias, cavernous fibrosis, the effects of trauma
  2. Functional syndrome of an aging man (decrease in elasticity, subcutaneous fat layer, etc.) concealed or webbed penis.
  3. Aesthetic: a belief in the existence of some imaginary physical flaw

Such a thing as a small penis, collectively. The phenomenon is observed in congenital endocrinological pathology when broken processes of the production of testosterone, and idiopathic hypoplasia of the penis. About small penis can speak, when its length in the stretched condition does not exceed 2 cm.

Each case requires a systematic survey to determine the reasons that led to the underdevelopment of the genital organs in men. Penile enlargement is made only in those cases where the patient complains of impossibility of sexual intercourse, but if this is no problem, then surgery is considered optional.

This phobia is typical for most men that come with a visit to a specialist. Critical attitude to many parts of the body especially to the penis, pushing them to operations such as enlargement of the penis, quite often.

A variety of techniques: surgery for lengthening and increasing the thickness of the penis

Nowadays there are such a large range of plastic surgery and various techniques for the correction of different parts of the body. You can change the shape of Breasts, to reduce hips and abdomen with liposuction and even to narrow the vagina. Are there any methods of penis enlargement? Consider all of our existing Arsenal.

Penile enlargement through massage

There are many massage techniques correct the shape of the penis. The most common is massage. Its essence lies in the implementation of special massage movements, pulling member, hands for 30-60 minutes. In times of technical progress, such a technique is transformed into a special apparatus.

Wear the appliance every day from 3 to 12 hours a day for at least six months. Time this massage can split up. The advertisement says that using this device it is possible to increase penis by 7 cm in one year. But in practice it turned out that only 2 see Although is also fairly good result.

Penile enlargement with the help of drugs

This technique applies injection of the fillers, based on hyaluronic acid. This procedure is indicated for those who have the head of the penis is disproportionately small. With the introduction of these drugs, the head can be increased by 30 %. However, the effect of this procedure is about one year. Much time is required to dissolve hyaluronic acid.

Surgical methods of penis enlargement

Head surgically better not to increase. There are techniques that use a special matrix which is placed between the head and the special bodies. However, this technique is very dangerous and can lead to necrosis and, as a consequence, the loss of the head. Who has the penis as if hidden in the depth of the pubic fat because of the short superficial fascia carry out the removal of fatty tissues and dissection of ligaments.

ways to increase

By introducing under the skin of the penis private fat cells of the patient is possible to increase the thickness of the penis. This procedure is called lipofilling.Modifications such operations - introduction to the penis organic matrix with the connective tissue cells of the patient or the introduction of the flap, taken from the rectus abdominis.

The special augmentation of the penis

A special operation to increase the penis by dissection of the supporting ligaments. The procedure allows for the enlargement of the penis by 3-5 cm There are several methods for performing this operation. Depending on the kind of access they come in several variants:

1. The implantation of the prosthesis, together with cross sections of the tunica.

The method is to place the implants in a certain space, and the execution of the transverse cuts with the goal of lengthening and penis enlargement

2. Implantation in conjunction with the mobilization of the legs of the penis

The positive magnifying effect is achieved by removing the Central part of the corpora cavernosa and their involvement, movement, and fixation to a special place.

3. Separating operation

The methodology foresees a complete separation of the body into components. Separated cavernous bodies across the length of the cantilevered member from a certain body and head. Simultaneously held full mobilization of vessels and nerves. Implantation of pieces of cartilage of the patient or a synthetic prosthesis is held between the ends of the corpora cavernosa and head.

Penis growth is provided due to the elasticity and stretching of a specific body of the urethra, and blood vessels and nerves.

The surgeon cuts through the supporting ligament, freeing the penis. After this manipulation the hidden part of the penis is pulled through the extender, as discussed above. The recovery period after such surgery lasts about 5 weeks.

Learn more about surgery increase and thickening of a member, you can read:Various techniques to increase penis

Implantation is carried out most often those men who underwent surgical intervention in the area of the rectum, bladder and prostate. There are a large number of prostheses. The most acceptable of them is the inflatable variable rigidity. For penis enlargement with normal erection such operations are not performed.

Preparing for surgery

It should be noted that before surgery, patients undergo a mandatory clinical examination, also determine the maximum erection. It's kind of hidden potential lengthening of the penis. Ultrasound reveals a possible hidden defects of the corpus cavernosum, tunica albuginea and blood supply. Anesthesia is often local. The patient is in the hospital about 1 day.

Penile enlargement: errors, complications and dangers

Any surgical intervention is fraught with various negative consequences in the future. And surgery penis growth is not devoid of the risk of developing specific complications and side effects.

As you know, plastic surgery has two objectives: excellent aesthetic, functional outcomes and patient satisfaction with the result of the operation. Adverse obstacle is the development of postoperative complications and low evaluation of the results of the patient. Effective penis growth and no adverse reactions depends on the following factors:

  • Sufficient experience and skill of the surgeon
  • Realistic expectations of the patient
  • Use of modern methods
  • Observance of all doctor's instructions in the postoperative period

One of the most important adverse outcomes of penis enlargement by surgery is the patient waiting for some miracle from the hands of a specialist and obtaining, ultimately, the disappointment of the actual result. At a time when the results of intervention regarded by the surgeon perfectly, the patient changes seem quite significant.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that the penis is a unique part of the body of a man that performs 3 functions:

  • Ensuring sexual intercourse
  • Excretory function
  • Reproductive (that childbirth)
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The sexual organ is given to man once, and if between it and a full sexual life becomes size, it is necessary to improve your tool and get rid of complexes. Consequently, disappointed, unhappy and angry men will be much less, and this means women too.