How to enlarge penis without surgery: how

The main indication for penis enhancement or modification of it is the desire of men. Strict standards of penis size does not exist, but if it is longer in the excited state does not reach 8 inches, then we can talk about the deviation from the norm.

how to increase the member

Basically a man defines himself, normal or not the size of his "dignity". Not all representatives of the stronger sex are satisfied with the length of his penis, so they seek any means to correct this deficiency. But immediately I want to warn the men who do not working methods and self-medication can harm your health. So do not experiment on your body and reproductive organs, especially as nature gave them to you in one piece! Use only tested and approved medical methods.

How to increase the male organ without surgery and without consequences, you can learn in this article.

What is the impact of penis size on self-esteem of men?

Very often the length of the penis affects the formation of male identity. Depends on self-esteem, confidence and feeling of competence. Unsatisfactory penis size has a negative impact primarily on the emotional state. The lack of regular and quality sex make men's lives uncomfortable. Therefore, they desire to increase the length of his manhood is justified and is not just a fad. Thus they seek to increase self-esteem, improve your sex life, remove shyness and complexes. For men it is very important to feel sexually attractive.

The psychology of men, it is very difficult to change, unlike the size of his penis. But how to achieve this?

What methods help to increase male organ?

Not all men are willing to increase the size of your member through surgery. They mostly use non-surgical methods

  • the extender is a special device to lengthen the penis;
  • hanging goods;
  • technique jelcing;
  • supplementation;
  • electrical stimulator;
  • head on penis.

Increase the member without surgery is quite real. In addition, it can be done at home. But be careful, if you offer a tool that increases penis 10 inches for a few months — this is an obvious hoax, as no part of the human body is unable so to change its size in such a short time.

The same applies to miracle drugs: pills, gels, ointments. In this list you can enable and "ancient methods", which are primarily used by charlatans for profit. Moreover, such methods are inefficient, they can still harm your health.

To make the right choice, you need to have information about effective methods to increase the main body of men.

methods of penis enlargement

Extender — a device that allows you to change the size of the penis

Today, this method is the most popular and in demand. The mechanism of action consists in stretching a fabric of a member and stimulate growth. Also the device can be used to eliminate external defects — rectification of curved male organ.

This technique has a scientific basis: the human body can vary under the influence of constant loads. Due to this principle and works extender.

Today it can be argued that this method is most effective. In addition, for 20 years no identified side effects. The devices are easy to use and invisible under clothing. Stretching is necessary to exercise every day (about 8 hours) for 3-5 months. If all rules are possible to increase penis from 2.5 to 3 centimeters. But we should not forget that positive dynamics can only be obtained with daily use.

Exercise as a way of lengthening the penis at home

Jelcing— specific exercises that allow you to enlarge the penis and improve its performance. The technique helps to change not only the length of the penis but also its thickness.

Jelcing is one of the most ancient techniques. It has been used for many centuries. The result is achieved due to the stimulation of blood flow in the penis. Over time, with the help of exercises increase in volume of blood cavity and increased blood flow in the penis. Such processes have a positive effect on increase of a member.

In our days jelcing technique can be easily downloaded from the Internet. However, opinions of scientists about the effectiveness of this method differ. Some believe that exercises do increase penis. Others are convinced that jelcing is an ineffective method, and to achieve the desired result by this method, the man needs to spend a lot of time and effort.

The vacuum method

The principle of the vacuum pump based on continuous stretching of the penis. The device is also called a vacuum pump.

The principle of its action is to stimulate blood flow and enhancing erectile function due to the vacuum that acts on the male organ. As a result, the member increases in volume and in size. But this effect is temporary, so a vacuum pump is recommended to use immediately before intercourse.

Can drugs increase male "dignity"?

Advertised drugs are hardly effective method of penis enlargement. For example, a preformed tools are the most common vitamins. And then — such tablets help to improve erectile function, but does not affect the penis length.

If to speak about preparations for topical application (ointments, gels, creams), their composition is not always known. After use, many men may experience itching and an allergic reaction on the skin.

Therefore drugs for penis enlargement are not only ineffective but sometimes even harmful for health.

Dietary supplements for improving erectile function

Today are very popular dietary supplements. Thanks to the natural composition of drugs is increased blood flow in the penis, improving erection. The intake of nutritional Supplements positively affects the duration and quality of sexual intercourse. In the opinion of many consumers, after use it creates a sense of increasing the main male organ. However, these drugs have a temporary effect.


In our days there are plenty of methods to enlarge the penis. But using them is only in the case when the size really becomes a problem. If you decide to try them for the sake of experiment, do not forget that such actions can be dangerous consequences.