Is it possible to make dick bigger: is it possible, myth or reality?

Many men particularly care how their manhood. Watching pornography, reading the numerous intimate stories, forums and chat rooms, we understand one thing – no matter what anyone said, size matters.

how to increase the member

Can I increase the member?

Many men believe that penis enlargement is a myth. And it is clear. Advertising banners, pop-up from nowhere, anywhere to buy a "miracle cream" viruses, which are crammed with such sites – all this causes the distrust. However, the answer to the question "is it possible to increase the size of penis" — Yes, Yes and YES! This is a real procedure. There are a lot of effective techniques whose effectiveness we have discussed in this article.

How does it work? Myth or reality?

If you are using ointments or creams increases the blood flow and the saturation of the cells with the necessary vitamins. If your method is stretching using exercise devices or fabric member adapted to set parameters and gradually increase the tissue structure. Some men are quite successfully using surgical method.

Is it possible to increase the member, applying creams and gels?

All drugs can be divided into three types:

  1. creams short-acting. Should be applied to the member several minutes before intercourse (however, their effect lasts for a maximum of two hours). If you are worried before sex is what you need: not only do they increase the penis, but also strengthens erection.
  2. Long-term gels are acting on the basis of the blood flow. Used together with exercise and proper nutrition. The effect lasts longer, the result is fixed. Can you really increase the member using such creams? Judging by the real reviews bought their wife happy :).
  3. Subsidiary creams, are effective only in Alliance with other techniques. Do not increase size, but increase the potency.


Is it possible to increase penis size this way? Different companies offer men to use pills and supplements. Manufacturers promise to increase sexual performance, prolonged erections and control ejaculation, stronger orgasm and confidence in your own strength, and positive changes in the girth of the penis.

The advantages of the tablets – they do not have contraindications, composition is one hundred percent natural. And as a bonus you receive an increase in sensitivity of the head and only member. The medicine should be taken about 4 months, one pill twice a day,


Jelcing - called stretching member for increasing it. Advantages of the technique is easy, quick effect, no material attachments.

  1. Before exercise you need to warm up your intimate place. Take a shower, make a compress with warm water and start to exercise.
  2. Firmly, but gently squeeze the head and the maximum pull member away from the body.
  3. After 5 minutes rest, restore blood circulation a little massage, repeat the exercise 4 times, sipping member in different directions. Don't forget to relax!

With it you can enlarge penis about 2 — 2,5 cm


Physical education will not help to enlarge the penis, but to strengthen health, and therefore potency by far. The effect you will feel after a week. Starting with 10 repetitions of each task, gradually increase the load. Standard exercises to increase potency:

means for penis enlargement
  • Lying on your back, relax your arms and place them at your sides, bend your legs so that the feet rested on the floor. Make a few movements with the pelvis up and down.
  • Standing with straight back, lower down the arm. Imitate the walk, raising his knees and pressing them to his stomach.
  • In a standing position, slightly bend your knees. Squat, bending and unbending them, while straining muscles of the buttocks.


For the procedure of massage for penis enlargement, be sure to use lubricant. Bring the member to a state of erection, grab it with your fingers at the base of the trunk. Make a reciprocating motion to the head and back, increasing the pace. With this method the blood is retained in the thicker member, and you pull on it.

Constant training will lead to a good result. For calming and relaxation member, it is possible to do circular massage, using moisturizing cream with herbs.


Extender – an orthopedic tool made of metal, plastic and silicone. Method of penis enlargement is stretching. In one week – addictive, you need to wear a special fixture with rods for 30 minutes. Gradually the rod out, for example: 20 minutes twist per centimetre, through the next 20 minutes – another one. The meaning of the exercise is to gradually increase the load.

In the final stages it is recommended to wear the extender for about 4-6 hours a day or 2-3 hours a few times a day.

Is it possible to increase the size of the penis using the extender? Yes, the use of tools can increase the length of your penis by 2-4 cm

Pump and can I increase the penis applying them?

Workout with pump improve blood circulation and elasticity of blood vessels, causing the penis increases in length and thickness. Standard pump consists of a plastic flask with attached pump and a latex sealant. Inserting the member into the flask, tightly attach it to the body – only then will you achieve the desired effect. The first time you use do not keep the pump longer than 5 minutes. The optimal time for follow-up exercises – 15-20 minutes. Pumping air from the pump, you create a zone of lower pressure around his penis, causing him blood flow.

Is it possible to increase penis using the pump? Long does not work, but as one of the options of increasing the size for a short period directly before sex.


Is it possible to increase penis size tips? Yes, but it's only temporary!

Many intimate shops offers a wide selection of nozzles of any size, color and shape. This is the best solution for men who want to enlarge penis is to time intercourse without any cost. Nozzle guaranteed to add a member to a few centimeters, enhance erection, and prolong sexual intercourse. The material from which made the device should be soft and flexible – use silicone or latex. Increase of a member by the nozzle – a temporary, but very interesting way.

exercises for a member

Traditional methods

One of the options home penis enlargement is the miraculous honey balm. The composition prepared according to an ancient recipe, will help to solve all the problems with potency. It is easy to make at home: you will need half a kilo of honey, the same of crushed leaves of aloe and 500 g of dry wine.

Mix all ingredients together and leave in a cool place for 5 days, then strain. Take one small spoon before each meal. If you have the opportunity to find parsnip – every day eat it 2-3 tablespoons (can be served as a side dish or salad) or drink half Cup of infusion of the seeds of this plant.

Is it possible to increase penis size with traditional methods, different herbs and decoctions? No, of course. But to pull the potency can be very good.

Food and can I increase penis eating correctly?

  1. A positive impact on the health of men has a garlic – you need to eat a couple cloves every day.
  2. Lean on pumpkin seeds and honey – even in Russia they were used as aphrodisiacs.
  3. Drink carrot juice with honey and ginger, eat nuts for a while before eating.
  4. To enhance the potency of good seafood. Don't forget fish, chicken and quail eggs, and fruits and vegetables.

Is it possible to increase penis size with food?

Increase the member of the methods is unlikely to succeed, but problems with erection and duration of intercourse you will not be exact. Eat in moderation – remember that the extra weight is not conducive to good potency and strong erections.


Surgery – penis enlargement by surgery that uses General anesthesia. The duration is approximately 20 minutes. The surgeon makes a small incision in the scrotum, opens the special fiber of the supportive ligaments, cuts them with a scalpel. The closed part of the member stretched, is fixed, and the wound sutured. The operation creates conditions for increasing penis.

During the rehabilitation period need to take antibiotics, carefully observe hygiene and to undergo periodic examination by a doctor. After surgery it is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse for three weeks.

What could be the consequences?

If you are practicing for a very long time jelcing or massage, your penis may turn black and veins to increase and become more noticeable. Sometimes you may notice the appearance of small, like a shot of spots on the head. The majority symptom not a danger to health and are alone for a couple of days.

High risk of effects associated with surgery. After the augmentation member can be a slight rise in temperature. For the first time after the operation may open bleeding, to appear hematoma, infection or prolonged swelling. The sensitivity of the head of the penis can increase and decrease, during erections may be painful. Sometimes the patient changes the angle of the erection (the penis was not looking up, down or forward).

traditional methods

Increase penis size – a myth invented by advertising companies in search of profit. Such funds do exist, and what method of increase, exclusively to you. Beware of expired and fake goods, do not neglect doctor's recommendations and be happy in their sex life!