Can I increase the member and how to do it?

The small size of a man's penis are often the cause of family problems related to the lack of adequate sexual life of the spouses. Often sexual frustration even become a reason for divorce, after obtaining a discharge is one of the basic human needs. But what to do if nature has not given man the dignity of impressive dimensions? Is it possible to correct this injustice and how to increase member? Modern medicine and traditional folk methods give the opportunity. But the efficacy and safety of each of the existing methods ranges from highly effective to downright useless, and, moreover, dangerous. We consider each of them separately.

how to increase the member

Surgical method

In this case the penis, figuratively speaking, is disassembled by the surgeon into its component parts. The head is separated from the corpora cavernosa, and the resulting space is filled cartilage tissue. Imagine this is scary, not to mention the fact to allow to do it myself. The method allows simultaneously to increase the member approximately half an inch, but it is fraught with many disadvantages associated with any surgery the risk of infection remaining after surgery scars, and pain, which continue until complete healing of wounds and subsequently due to the change in the weather. One should not disregard the risk of an unsuccessful outcome of the operation. The surgeon also can be in a bad mood, he may have a headache or to affect the impact of yesterday's hike with friends in the bath. Yes, Yes, don't be surprised, this is also possible, but to work it will still be something you want to eat every day. All of these risks is justified only when the operation for medical reasons, for example, if we are talking about people born with an extremely small penis or violation of its anatomical structure and functions due to injury.

Method of hormone therapy

The penis enlargement with the help of pharmaceutical drugs, particularly hormones, are only effective at a young age and is appointed by the endocrinologist in the pathology of genital organs development. It is necessary to consider many factors and contraindications to avoid side effects of hormonal therapy. In adulthood this method will have zero effectiveness, but it can seriously disrupt the endocrine system, to adjust which it will be very difficult.

The vacuum method

Is not a means of penis enlargement as such, because the effect, although noticeable, but did not last long. The vacuum method is based on creating around the penis dilution and a kind of stretching it in combination with enlargement of the capillaries and fill them with blood. In order to better visualize the effect of this method to increase the member, you can remember the conventional banks, which were put on the back for pulling blood from the site of inflammation, and treatment of thus colds. Barbarism, entailing, for example, rupture of the capillaries and the appearance, at best, bruises in place of a vacuum. As mentioned above, the effect of the application of the pump lasts only about two hours. It is necessary to imagine that poor wretch who immediately before intercourse is foreplay pulls on this ill-fated pump! And laughter and sin!

Manual methods

methods of penis enlargement

Manual methods are quite safe and effective, but require quite lengthy and regular exercise. There are lots of them (Polynesian method of stretching, etc.), but all have a common principle – the principle of milking, when the penis methodically and regularly pull in length. The effect depends on the patience of men, because the work is quite laborious and long, which takes up to a year or more. Cream process more effectively. But the increase in length of a member is almost unlimited, within reason of course. From 10 inches to 40 just does not happen. To do need five to seven times a week for fifteen to twenty minutes a day. Obvious advantage with the use of manual methods for penis enlargement – free accessibility and, as already mentioned, the efficiency!

The method of the extender

Is a modern kind of manual methods of penis enlargement, and is a device that systematically, over a long period of time, elongates the male organ in length. To achieve the result you need to wear the extender for several hours a day for six months or more, but, unlike manual methods, it does not require constant attention. You can carry the device and engage in household chores or to relax. The result of the average is 2-3 centimeters in six months. Not as much as I would like, but we all know that miracles happen only in fairy tales and a day to add a few inches to the length of the penis is unrealistic, although it would be desirable. It is more efficient, perhaps only using the extender after a special operation to release the inner part of the penis, but about the dangers of the operation mentioned above.

The use of the extender has virtually no contraindications and side effects!

In conclusion, we can notice that the most effective and safe methods are time-tested. Don't believe the advertising that promises unrealistic, because we all know that the advertising of the product – the motor trade, and the aim is not to help people, and selling any goods and services is not always appropriate promises. Therefore it is better to choose a long but safe and effective method than promising quick results, but do not guarantee safe and successful completion of procedures of increase of a member!