What methods there to increase a member

All that is now offered in the Internet, in pharmacies and simply — miracle creams, magic pills and other chemicals, which, according to sellers, is able to increase the penis almost instantly falls into three groups: preparations based on hormones, chemical compounds and biologically active additives.

how to increase the member

Usually hormone medications contain in their composition testosterone and its derivatives. So far official medicine has not detected any hormonal drug that is guaranteed to increase penis without harm to the rest of the body. Taking any hormonal medication (even that is not intended for penis enlargement) should be taken on prescription and under the supervision of a physician. So if You offer to drink "magic hormones" — you know that, as a minimum, a deception, or a great danger to Your health. If this were possible, then there would be the growth hormones in human organs, hands, feet, hair, problems with transfers bodies would not exist. Had a hormone and a new kidney was grown, another drink, another hand appeared.

Another group of drugs are chemicals and synthesized substances. These drugs are designed to improve erection (like Viagra and similar drugs), not for increasing penis. Indeed, when taking this drug is a more full erection, the penis gets solid and visually it seems that it increased. In fact, this increase is temporary in nature due to more complete filling with the blood the cavernous tissue of the penis. Long-term use of such drugs leads to the fact that without the medication the member ceases to be excited. In addition, they are harmful as the hormones affect the internal organs, especially the liver.

The third group of biologically active additives (BAA). They are complexes necessary for the body minerals and vitamins and is designed to complete the work of the body — they do not cause penile enlargement. Eating them You will feel better, maybe less sick, might improve erections. But the size of the penis they can not change.


The most attractive for beginners as a method of penis enlargement — no extra costs (just for lubrication). Penile enlargement through massage one of the oldest ways to enlarge the penis. The essence of this massage, specific exercises for stretching the penis, as well as with the extender. Massage stimulates the growth and division of cells of penis tissue grow in volume, there is an increase penis. However, this method has its own characteristics: you must learn all the exercises correctly and to comply with them. Very often incorrectly done exercise or excessively strong effect leads to injuries — abrasions, rupture of blood vessels, pain in the penis, impaired potency. Injuries occur because of impact during a massage – using the hands creates high blood pressure in the cavernous bodies of the penis, which often causes ruptures of capillaries and hemorrhage.

Another feature of the jelqing is that very often increased with the help of the penis takes the form of bats at the base it is getting much thinner because of the increased volume in front of the head. First, the penis often breaks at the base, and secondly, the woman is much nice dick, which is the volume along the entire length — otherwise, no normal stimulation of the area of the entrance in the vagina.

It should also be remembered that the minimum lying massage is 40 minutes and it should be performed daily for several months. Because of this the effectiveness of massage significantly lower the effectiveness of the extender: what can be achieved with the help of the extender for 4-6 months, with the help of massage will reach in 1.5-2 years.

Hanging, hanging

methods of penis enlargement

The method of hanging weights to enlarge the penis ancient as well as massage. The essence of the method is to hang the head of your cock a load that will exert a stretching effect on the penis, ultimately activating the cell growth of the tissues of the penis. The growth mechanism is exactly the same as the extender, but this way is very traumatic. First, it uses a lot of weight initially (possible injuries to the ligaments, tissue of penis), and secondly, the load is constantly dangles between your legs (traumatic), and thirdly, the system of securing of the cargo on the head imperfect, and often itself leads to injury. The same tension is directed down, although anatomically more favorable direction of force up.

To enlarge penis by using hanging perhaps, but the chance of injury is many times higher than any other method of penis enlargement. And convenience of the method.


Under the augmentation of the penis is usually understood a special procedure that allows you to release the inner part of the penis. Worse the ligament that holds the inner part of the penis and the penis falls out as if from the inside. Disadvantages of surgical penis enlargement: the possible postoperative complications (inflammation, change in the level of erection, contraction of scar tissue, the penis gradually returns to the original position ), the cost ($1500-$4000), and limited results (increase of penis in length of 2.5-3cm, the volume of the penis is not increased). The increase of the penis is the introduction of implants inside the penis is a separate operation.

Pumps, vacuum pumps

The pump is designed to improve erections and is used in cases when the penis is flaccid, or not sufficiently firmly. The operating principle of the pump: the penis more actively filled with blood, if placed in an area of low pressure in the cylinder of the pump. Visually it looks so: the penis is placed in a glass or plastic flask, the flask pressed to the pubis. Then from the flask start to pump the air, thus, the bulb creates a low pressure, which contributes to filling with blood corpus cavernosum of the penis. I.e. "pumped" to the desired level penis — and fight!

If you try to enlarge the penis by means of the pump, it threatens to big problems. Prolonged exposure of the pump to the body of the penis comes not only blood and lymph, as well as the stagnation of blood. The penis swells, swelling, rupture of vessels and hemorrhage.

Penis enlargement by means of the pump is of a visual nature is more densely pumped with blood, the penis looks longer and thicker. This is a temporary phenomenon — next time without the pump member will be the same flaccid and small. It must be remembered that a pump or vacuum pump is intended only to improve erection.


Increase penis using the extender has been possible since 1994. It was then in Denmark, was patented the first extender. The extender is a medical device, which is designed to correct the shape and size of the penis. With the help of the extender correct curvature of the penis and increase penis size non surgical way. Today, there are only 2 methods that allow effectively to increase the penis is a surgical operation and the use of the extender. Moreover, after the operation it is necessary to wear the extender for 2-3 months to consolidate the result.

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More than a million of men in the world have chosen the penis enlargement using the extender. The effectiveness of this method does not cause us to doubt. At the same side effects, when using the extender for almost 20 years, is not revealed. In addition to increasing the penis extender contributes to a fuller erection and longer sexual intercourse.

The rate of growth of the tissues of the penis and the overall increase cannot be guaranteed by us. The result depends on precise compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations, frequency and duration of wearing the extender, from the physiological characteristics of the organism, from the quality of food, bad habits, etc.