Vacuum penis enlargement pros and cons of this method

Vacuum penis enlargement is quite time consuming, but a realistic goal that can special exercise equipment. What are these devices and how to use them properly?

vacuum penis enlargement

Pumps and their characteristics

Pump is a special pump that fills the tissue of the penis, causing it improves blood circulation. Modern simulators are equipped with special safety valves which support inside the vessel operating pressure.


Extender – this is another simulator that has the nozzle on the head of the penis and a special adjustable hinge, which can gradually stretch the member in length. The tool provides a non-vacuum and mechanical effect on the sexual organ, and is considered cheaper. Minus of the product – the inability to increase member width, and a high risk of injury if you are not careful.

Simulators: creating at home

How to make a device yourself? If you are not able to purchase this product, you can try to make it with my hands.

Instead of a cylinder take an ordinary canister aerosol of suitable size, then disassemble it and remove the compressed air. Make a special cuff made of silicone or soft paper to go through the sexual organ (to prevent damage). At the bottom of the tank, make a hole in which is placed a rubber tube. To this tube is attached a pen to control the pressure: an original handle from branded pumps, you can replace the standard pear from the device for measuring pressure.

Before using the fixture should be treated with antiseptic. Although the made device and will not differ a presentable appearance, their main objective, it can be done.

Results after vacuum penis enhancement?

The following are the main advantages of vacuum penis enlargement:

  • eliminate erectile dysfunction, obtaining a full erection;
  • prevent premature ejaculation by reducing sensitivity of head immediately after using the pump;
  • increase the member both in length and in width up to 3-5 cm depending on the size and individual characteristics;
  • regular application increases the sensitivity of the head, improves the quality of sexual intercourse;
  • accessibility (equipment can be ordered in pharmacies or in specialized online stores).

The advantages and disadvantages of vacuum techniques

The advantages of this method include convenience and simplicity, the rapid onset of effect (few member will increase in size after the first application), as well as the possibility of not only penis enlargement, but also the elimination of erectile dysfunction manifestations (i.e. the pump is suitable for therapeutic purposes).

vacuum penis enlargement pros and cons

However, this method has drawbacks:

  • there are contraindications to use (for example, tendency to bleeding, diseases of sex organs, some diseases of the kidneys);
  • the possibility of side effects (slight bruising on the skin, discomfort in use and in the event of an erection for the first time);
  • the need for regular use twice a day for about 40 minutes, that is, you must have enough free time for such procedures;
  • during the training it is not recommended to take drugs that affect hematopoiesis.